Monday, July 25, 2016

Granddad's 90th Birthday

I don't know what has me feeling like picking up the old blog pen (keyboard) again, but here we are. We spent the weekend in Monticello for my Granddad's 90th birthday. We love our Granddad!

We decided to drive the truck down instead of the van, and Tyson brought his motorcycle in the back. Since the van lacks a TV/DVD player, I told the kids we were going "old fashioned." They had to entertain themselves with books, paper/pencils/crayons, and car games such as "Cars A Minute," "Fancy Cars," and the License Plate Game.

We survived the trip and got to Monticello a little after dinner started. Adelaide got in some nice cuddle time at Uncle Eric's lovely yard. We had a meal of lasagna and so much delicious garden produce. My sisters and I sang a couple of songs for Granddad.

We spend Friday at the cabin, but I didn't take any photos. It was a "work day," my Granddad's requested birthday present. I spent most of the morning raking pine needles, sticks, and pinecones (cleanup/fire abatement) and moving them into a huge pile for later pick-up. Others worked on re-staining the cabin, cleaning the inside, and other projects. Lunch was sandwiches and dinner was barbecue grilled chicken and dutch oven potatoes. The weather was mercurial. My kids had so much fun on the zipline.

The next morning was the Pioneer Day parade. It's a tradition to watch this from my grandparents' driveway and front yard. Below is Sawyer waving at "Big Four." When I was a kid this tractor was at the city park, and we used to scramble all over it and pretend to drive it. I never thought I would see it in motion. It looked awesome!

We were blessed to have nearly all my grandparents' progeny in town. Only three of their living grandkids (and families) couldn't make it down this time. I loved seeing so many cousins and all their cute kids.

A favorite pastime at Grandmom & Grandad's house is "playing driveway." This means riding around on the large collection of bikes, trikes, and tractors. Adelaide enjoyed playing driveway while Tyson and Beckett enjoyed some patio time. After the parade we ate lunch at the carnival and returned to Grandmom's house for a talent show. The kids sang "I've Got Sixpence," and old song passed down through the family.

That night we ate dinner on Grandmom's patio and had a firework show in the driveway. We moved to the front lawn to watch the firework show that took place at the high school field.

We took a scenic route home, over the mountains from Castle Dale to Ephraim. It was beautiful up there! Seeing sheep grazing in the high meadows reminded me that in the fall the sheep come down and are herded right through the middle of town, making class attendance impossible due to inability to cross the street to the school buildings from the dorms. Ah, Ephraim!

I thought my old dorm had been torn down, but I was wrong. The outside hasn't changed. I wonder if the inside has? This fall, it will be 20 years since I moved there!

I'm sure I'll write more in three years!


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