Friday, February 14, 2014

Moving Along Now

Here I am, picking up the virtual pen again after almost a year. Plenty of stuff has happened. I probably told you about it on Facebook. Then, last summer, I got a smartphone and started showing you about it, too, on Facebook and Instagram. But I miss writing, so I am starting up here again (and maybe other places, too).

I've lost all hope of ever covering the events I've missed. Let's just pretend nothing ever happened, okay? I mean, we moved, we moved again, yadda, yadda. Tyson and I ate and walked and bus-rode our way through Puerto Vallarta, which in my mind is worth writing about and showing you pictures of, but really, who likes photos of other people's vacations? There was Lava Hot Springs and Bear Lake and the Fourth of July. Sawyer started kindergarten and Beck started Best Day Ever preschool. There were many Baker Family Dinners. There was the ranch, and everyone had birthdays, and I got a new nephew. Adelaide entered the Terrible Twos six months ahead of schedule. There was a water leak from our refrigerator, which ruined the hardwood floor in our kitchen. And we ruined a wall trying to ascertain where the leak was coming from. The floor still isn't fixed, because Mama (that's me) keeps dreaming about rearranging the layout of the kitchen. (Let it go, Mama.) Speaking of "Let It Go", Tyson took all three kids to see "Frozen" without me on Thanksgiving Day, while I prepared food. I know I really missed out! However, we did all see THOR together. And last weekend the Lego Movie, which was fabulous.

Lego. Sawyer has only become more and more enchanted by Lego. Beck and Adelaide like it, too. So that was the main focus of Christmas (well, besides celebrating the birth of our Savior).

Tyson switched jobs again in April 2013. He is now working at O.C. Tanner. He is the Cub Scout Master, and as of last month he is also co-teaching a primary class. I am teaching Relief Society.

Our friends the Todds stayed with us for a few months last fall while they worked on fixing up their first house.

My sister Krista and I took our kids down to visit my Grandparents in Monticello in January.

I have definitely left out tons of stuff, and all the photos, but let's just go from here...


  1. Quite the year's story in a few words!! Please DO GO ON FROM HERE! Love you and yours! Grandmom

  2. Im glad you posted. I don't have a facebook account so I haven't been keeping up with you and your family happenings. And I was wondering how you guys were doing. Your kids are growing up so fast. I can't believe how grown up Sawyer looks. How fun!

  3. Great to read your progress! I can't wait to meet your son!


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