Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer Time Machine

I certainly didn't mean to let four months go by without blogging, but here we are. And I was already behind! I haven't actually printed photos or a photo book since October of 2010, so this blog is kind of *it* for me as far as keeping a record of our family activities. So, here are a few photos and memories I don't want to let get away. (Still working on summer of 2012 here!)


At the end of July, Tyson and I did something we have never done before. We went to a REAL concert. If you consider a show by a septuagenarian rock star a real concert. Yes, it was Neil Diamond. We had a good time and old Neil sounded a lot better than I thought he was going to, and put on a great show!


We made our annual pilgrimage to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, for the Burke and Carolyn Heaton Family Reunion. Lava is crazy! With over a hundred Heaton family members running around, having marshmallow-shooter wars and throwing people in pools and rivers and such, I have to keep hands and eyes on my kids at all times. This doesn't afford me much chance to take pictures. These are a couple I snapped before everyone else arrived. The property owner was draining and refilling the small pool for our visit. My kids played in the pool while the water disappeared, and then Beck became quite sad when he realized the pool would soon be empty.

(I wondered why my legs looked so cankle-y in the picture, but then I realized those are Sawyer's legs)


We went to Payson for our little cousin Maddy's baptism. She is Tyson's Uncle Rod's youngest daughter. Rod and Shelley and their family adopted us when we lived in Payson for a few months in 2008-2009. We loved living near them, and really would have stayed if Tyson had found a job down there. Of course, I didn't manage to get any pictures of cute Maddy or any other Heatons. Probably because, again, I was trying to keep three kids contained during a baptism and dinner. We did drive by our old house, and I snapped a couple of pictures since I never took any.

We lived in a cheap and cheerful (or possibly dark and dreadful) little basement apartment in this bungalow right near "downtown" Payson. Our entrance was around the right side of the house. Sawyer was a year old and I was pregnant with Beck. I well remember taking Sawyer out to play on that little patch of grass, or navigating through the mud to our carport. Even though that was a hard time in our lives (under-employed with a baby and another on the way), it was a sweet time, too. I really miss it.


When our Logan condo was looking pristine and ready-to-sell inside, this is what it looked like in the garage. I never thought I would be one of "those" people, but for the whole year we lived in this house (the second time), we could never park a vehicle in the garage. First it was full of remodeling and project stuff, then it was full of "extra" stuff. We sooooo much wanted a garage for those Logan winters, then we never were able to use it!


We were able to go to the Logan LDS temple ( with Tyson's brother Andrew when he went through before leaving on his mission to Brazil. It was a special visit for everyone, in different ways. I won't write more here, but just wanted to remember it. We also had a fun lunch with lots of family and friends in the temple cafeteria. That was actually my first time eating in a temple cafeteria, so I enjoyed that novel experience.

A short time later we got to tour the new Brigham City temple during its open house. We were lucky enough to go with Missy when she got tickets for the special vendors/friends/family tour. Missy runs and is part owner of The Old Grist Mill in Brigham City, and they were a provider of cookies throughout the weeks of the open house. We even got a little luncheon and gift after our tour. VIP all the way! The Brigham City temple seemed extra special and beautiful. I highly recommend attending a temple open house if you ever get the chance. I hope to visit the Philadelphia LDS Temple when it is completed.

That's all for now. With any luck I'll be posting about Easter by next Christmas :-) .


  1. Memories worth saving - and sharing. Thanks! Grandmom

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