Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paradise Heaton Happenings

Did I ever tell you I have wonderful in-laws who live in a beautiful place called Paradise? Yes, that is truly the name of their little community in southeast Cache Valley. This is a small part of their backyard, and the view from their backyard.

This past summer, my brother-in-law finished the requirements to earn is Eagle award in Scouting. His Eagle Court of Honor was held at another beautiful spot in Paradise or nearby Avon. I attended with my three little ones. Tyson was sleeping. Boy was it an adventure trying to get Beck and Sawyer to stay reverent through the whole program while there were all these amazing distractions around:

Here is the honoree and another of my brothers-in-law, Andrew. Andrew is currently in the MTC (Missionary Training Center), awaiting his departure on a church mission to Brazil.

Cute Taylor has grown up so much since I first met him seven years ago. He is a talented unicyclist ( that a word?), and a favorite of my boys, with whom he is very patient.

This little treasure is Tyson's older brother's youngest child. Isn't she about the cutest little thing you've ever seen?

She is just a tiny little bug, who barely weighs a pound more than Adelaide, even though she is nine months older. I hope they will be sweet friends as they grow up. Unfortunately (for us) this doll and her family moved to Japan this summer, and will be there for the next few years. Their dad is deployed in the United Arab Emirates right now, too.

Skipping ahead, here are some more in-law pictures, these ones from my mother-in-law Charlene's birthday celebration, which was also the day of Andrew's mission farewell (I think?). Beck was verrrrrry interested in his grandma's cake!

This one's my fave. I sort of caught Charlene with an off expression, but Beck's is even better.

She's beautiful, huh?

I'm blessed with two great families!

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