Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012: The Mystery of the Lost Costumes

Halloween. It seems like every year I have good intentions, and then I fail somehow in the execution. (Sawyer's chef costume from last year excepted. That thing was great!) This year was no different. I even planned way ahead and everything still fell apart. But, necessity is the mother of invention, and our invented Halloween turned out pretty well. I sure love these cute little boos and ghoul!

Right now, we are "in transition". That's what I call it. For a month we were living in two places - our North Logan condo and our temporary rental in North Salt Lake. Every weekend when we would go home to Logan I would love that feeling of walking into my house. It felt so perfect and comfortable to me. I would cry at the end of the weekend when the time came to leave.

Then the sale of our home in Logan closed and we were living in just one place, waiting to soon move into another. We intended to put all our belongings in off-site storage for two weeks while we waited for that place to be ready, but then we decided that house wasn't the place for us. We didn't want to pay for several months of storage if it took that long to find a house. On the other hand we also didn't want to unpack everything and then repack everything a couple of weeks later if it only took that long to find a house. The best solution we could come up with was to store all our goods in the 1-car garage of our temporary rental. That way if we absolutely HAD to find something we could get to it, and we wouldn't be paying anything extra for storage. It's better in theory than in practice. I would really like to have our coats and sweaters right about now, but finding them in the garage is a bit overwhelming because it looks like this:

Despite my best efforts to put the kids' Halloween costumes aside *just in case* we hadn't moved into a house by Halloween (I swear I DID put them aside - and this was back in the middle of September!!!), I wasn't able to locate them as the big day approached. I really, really, really thought I would find them, so I put off doing anything about costumes. Then the day of Sawyer's preschool Halloween party arrived and I didn't have anything for him to wear. I fashioned this Heart Breaker costume from elements around our house. Yeah, Heart Breaker. He's a new, cool superhero. I'm surprised you haven't heard of him. He carries an imaginary bow and arrow. He has hearts and arrows on his cheeks. His mask may or may not be made from one of his father's red t-shirts. It may or may not be taped to his face with double-sided tape.

He's my little heart breaker for sure! He was happy with his costume, and that's what counts. Not whether it's Pinterest-worthy, right?

So since it was abundantly clear that we didn't have our intended costumes, a trip to D.I. on the day before Halloween was in order. I was so glad they had Sawyer's asked-for costume in his size! Beck was a little trickier, but I pulled together a few separate things and made it work. Adelaide was a no-go at the D.I., so her costume was purchased on clearance at Smith's Marketplace. All in all I'd say NOT BAD for $12 total and a day's work. Go mom! (That's me. I like to congratulate myself from time to time.)

My little Adelaide was a ladybug. I often call her Laidy-bug, so I just went with that. She loved seeing that other little baby in the mirror!

Adelaide has recently learned to stand, and this next picture is the first one showing that newly-acquired skill. The camera angle makes her legs look TINY, which clearly they are not! What a funny picture! She's pretty pleased with her standing abilities. So am I, but at the same time I really don't want her to grow up.

Beck ended up with a chicken costume (with possible duck feet, purchased separately). Later on I'll reveal how I "made" the orange legs. He had a cute little clucking-chicken-dance he did while in costume. Cute kid!

I think Sawyer was pleased the original costumes couldn't be located. He had requested to be a "bony guy". Luckily, D.I. was able to provide. Face painting courtesy of me, the kids' pot of washable white paint, and my pot of black eyeliner, with assistance from two water color brushes and a craft sponge brush. Resourcefulness!

I'm a little sad that Sawyer (ate barely age five) has already requested a scary/spooky costume for Halloween. Where's my cute little baby lion, or last year's darling chef? Well, I guess he actually was a skeleton for Halloween 2009, too. Geez, am I repeating costumes already?

Tyson tried on Beck's discarded beak. He was also wearing a Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta mask. I find the combination very creepy. I find the tree in the background very beautiful, though!

Unfortunately I didn't end up with a group photo of all the kids smiling. Sawyer sort of has demon eyes in this one, and Beck is a rather sullen chicken, while Adelaide is an absolute dollface.

Then Beck is the happy one, Sawyer doesn't look possessed, and Adelaide looks a little bewildered.

I think this one is sort of a classic representation of our kids. Beck, the mischief-maker, is sticking his finger in an outlet while Sawyer freaks out and mauls Adelaide in the process of protecting her from certain electrocution. Heaton kids in a nutshell right there.

Yay, group photo with 50% of participants looking at the camera.

Okay, this eager little chicken bum was my favorite sight of the night. Once Beck figured out exactly what trick-or-treating was all about (CANDY!), he ran from house to house as fast as he could, tail feathers a-wagging behind him. He is pretty clumsy/fearless, so he falls down a lot in general. I would try to hold is hand to help him stay upright, but he would yell, "No! Get off my hand!" while yanking his hand away so he could go faster (and fall faster). Tyson and I just cracked up walking behind him. I was laughing all night long.

We went trick-or-treating in my old neighborhood in Centerville, where I grew up. I sure miss all those good folks, and it was really fun to see so many dear friends. That's my old house in the background of the picture below.

Laidybug loves her Daddy (and I think he likes her too).

Okay, so this is the contraption I worked up for Beck's orange legs. It's a large orange thermal shirt from D.I., and he has it on upside-down, with his legs in the arms. I cut some slits at the bottom hem for him to put his arms through so it would stay up. Then he was wearing a white onesie over it to conceal the whole thing, and his chicken coat on top of that. Hahahahaha, it was so bizarre looking. He loved the thing and didn't want to take it off. He slept in it for jammies that night, and our landlord (my former neighbor) even saw him in it in the morning. Eventually I pried it from his body and hid it in the top of my closet.

So that's Halloween, "in transition"-style! We missed seeing any grandparents this year. My parents are in Spain and we decided not to drive up to Cache Valley because we had just visited a few days ago.


  1. I thought my shirt-sleeves-cut-off-for-leggings on CP was clever. You win. That makes me laugh so much! Good job!

  2. Great costumes for everybody! Thanks so much for sharing. We smiled a lot.

  3. Love your costumes and innovation! And -- your garage looks just like ours, only tidier, if that makes you feel any better! And it's been that way for... oh, that's just embarrassing, I'm not admitting to that. At this point I just want to tow all of it away to the dump!

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