Monday, November 19, 2012

"Crusty Demons of Dirt, 2"

Going in our time machine again, here are some photos from the 24th of July (Pioneer Day/Utah's state holiday). Tyson and I invited my side of the family up to "the ranch". The ranch is the property owned by Tyson's family up on the border of Idaho and Utah. If you want to check it out on Google Maps, search this string: Standrod, Malta, Box Elder, Utah 83342.

But here's the basic idea. The white dashed lines are the state borders. "A" marks Snowville, which is where one exits the freeway and drives west to Standrod, first on a paved road, then on dirt roads. "B" marks Standrod.'s roughly in the middle of nowhere! Tyson's grandparents purchased the ranch property in the 1970s, when Tyson's dad Curtis was already mostly grown.

Curtis is the third of fourteen children in his family, so he had many younger siblings who grew up on the ranch, which is a working cow-calf operation. That means the ranch raises beef cattle to be sold when they are still young. So, the herd consists mainly of adult females and their young calves. The Heatons had a dairy farm in Alpine, Utah prior to moving to the ranch. Tyson's grandparents still live at the ranch, but Tyson's Uncle Jed (Curtis's youngest brother) is now the owner/operator there. Tyson's Aunt Darla and her family also live in Standrod, as do Darla's husband's parents. Other than ranch hands, that's everyone who lives "in" Standrod. Tyson's dad has a house and small property in Standrod too, of which Tyson spearheaded renovation back in 2009. It is now used as a vacation home. No one lives there full time, but we are lucky enough to be able to visit on occasion.

Our visit on Pioneer Day was just a day trip. My mom and sister Krista joined us, as will as my sister Kara and her husband and their four kids. Cousin fun! We brought sandwiches/lunch items with us and ate right when we got there, then we went out for some four-wheeling on the mountain. Kara took a ton of photos, which would be much better than mine. The house and views were lovely. We got hit with a little rain, but it didn't stop our fun.

The kids loved trying on the helmets, and my brother-in-law Logan really took to the dirt. Tyson said he should star in "Crusty Demons of Dirt, 2"! Hahahaha! Kara ran the battery dead in her van and we had to jump it using a four-wheeler.

After four-wheeling we went over to Grandma's house to see her miniature ponies. This dirt hole was also an attraction.

And Adelaide got reacquainted with Grandpa Burke.

So, this wasn't my best-photographed adventure ever, but we had a great time! Hope to go again soon!