Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Chicken of the Cow" and other Sawyerisms

Our big boy Sawyer turned five at the end of October, so this post is all about Sawyer. I usually write this type of stuff in a journal I have for him, but I can't access it right now, so here it is.

Sawyer on his 5th birthday
Some of the names we (or I) call Sawyer are Sawyer-Boy, Sawyer-Man, Sody, Sody Pop, and Mr. Sawyer. He likes to tell people his name is Sawyer Heaton Edward. (Edward is actually his first name.)

Sawyer is very inquisitive and curious. He loves to learn. He knows all his upper and lower case letters and knows their sounds. He can sound out words and read a few words by sight. He enjoys going to preschool at Best Day Ever with Miss Tiffany. He loves to be read to. Some of his favorites are the Berenstain Bears books and the Magic Treehouse stories. He loves to hear his Grammy read Skippyjon Jones. Sawyer's favorite subjects are robots, space travel, dinosaurs, skeletons, animals, and super heroes. He loves to talk about these subjects with anyone who will listen.

My oldest boy is my little lovey-dove. He likes to cuddle and give loves (hugs) and kisses. He has names for a few different kinds of hugs he likes to give or get. Some of them are a "Squeeze Love" (the tightest hug), a "Morning Love" (a big, long-lasting hug coined by his Grammy, who asked for a big hug from him one morning after a sleepover because she needed a refill from going all night without a Sawyer hug - he now asks for/offers them at any time of day, but they are always called a Morning Love), a "Soft Love" (gentle hug), a "Little Love" (very short and gentle hug), and a "Love All" (this is when three or more people all hug each other). Then there is of course a "Regular Love". He is intuitive and sensitive about people's emotions, and tries to cheer people up if they are ill or sad.

Sawyer loves to be soothed, by others or by himself. He likes lullabies and having his hair rubbed. Though he broke his thumb-sucking habit for a few weeks last spring, it came back and he is still working on it. He still likes to twirl his index finger on the top of his hair, so he hates it when he has a new short haircut. Speaking of hair, he very much wants to have long, blond hair "like Thor", but his mom hasn't been able to help him through the growing-out phase yet. There's also the problem that he doesn't have blond hair. He did have blond hair when he was a baby, but it is now a light brown. His eyes, which were once blue and then gray-blue, keep darkening and are now a gray-green-blue color like a stormy sea. He has incredibly long eyelashes just like his dad.

Sawyer got Lego sets for his birthday, both big and small. He and Beck have already spent many hours playing with them. Sawyer loves to follow the directions to make the vehicles and buildings. I was surprised how well he could do them all by himself. Sometimes he likes to use his "creationation" to build whatever he wants. (I told him to use his creativity and imagination.)

Sawyer still has some trouble saying most of his Rs, and has quite a few other funny and cute pronunciations, as well as some cute expressions. Here are some Sawyerisms:

Chicken of the cow = Sawyer refers to beef as "chicken of the cow". Sometimes we also hear about shrimp chicken and pork chicken. If there is an unidentified meat on his plate, he might say, "What kind of chicken is this?"

Blinkie = binkie

fly squatter = fly swatter

camote control = remote control

canoler bar = granola bar

clue's clues = Blue's Clues

haratee chop, haratee chop action = karate chop

poomission = permission, as in "Can I have poomission to play on the iPad?"

Akshally = actually. He's been using this one a lot. "Akshally, Mom, whales are mammals."

Tayleontologist = Paleontologist. We were on a family hike at Snowbird and Sawyer was lollygagging along the trail, stopping every few feet to dig and inspect things. I said to someone else, "Oh Sawyer. He's kind of an archaeologist." He quickly and sternly corrected me, ""Mom. I'm NOT an archaeologist! I'm a TAYleontoligist!"

Sawyer has always loved to watch movies and shows, and now he loves to play on the computer and the iPad. We have to put limits on these things, and he definitely gets his knickers in a twist several times a day when the answer is NO. Sawyer is emotional. He tends to react in big ways when angry, startled, being mildly hurt by his brother, etc. We hear a lot of screams around here. He can be very fun and silly, and then at times his attention-seeking gets to be a bit much. So those are some of the things we will keep working on.

Sawyer enjoys having friends and playmates. His favorite friend in Logan was our neighbor Rylin, whom he still talks about often. He wants her to move into our backyard again! He also misses Carson. He has good playmates in his brother and near-same-age cousins on both sides (Hudson and Benson). Now that we have moved down here he has been playing with several of my friends' kids. I hope we'll find some new neighbor playmates in our new place, too. He enjoys some friends at school, but just yesterday he told me, "Girls only like to be friends with girls." There are only two girls in his class, and I think they like to stick together!

Sawyer on his first day of preschool this year

Sawyer dressed himself and tucked in his shirt. Hmmm, engineer in the making? :-)

Sawyer is still working on doing things independently. I think since he was my first I babied him quite a lot, giving him less incentive to take initiative. Beck is definitely our, "I'll do it myself" boy, while Sawyer has to be reminded he CAN do things himself. Sometimes results are adorably mixed, as in the outfit above!

Sawyer absolutely loves his sister Adelaide! He loves to play with her, sing to her, and he is now trying to pick her up (when I have my back turned). He is a good helper with his little sister. He always introduces her to whatever stranger he has decided to talk to in the check-out line. "I'm Sawyer. This is my baby, Adelaide." It's sweet. Sawyer and Beck love each other and play together well, but they fight a lot, too. Brothers, huh?

Sawyer, I am sure happy that you are a part of my family! I love you very much!


  1. What wonderful descriptions of Sawyer! I wish we lived closer and could see him often, but these pictures and words bring him closer to us.
    Love you, Sawyer!

  2. I love looking at my scrapbook and seeing pics of when you guys stayed with us in costa mesa. he was so cute then and so cute now! he is really starting to grow into a little man! (what?! how is this possible?!) and that pic of him dressing himself is hilarious! lol

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