Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beckett's Fabulous Un-Pinterest Birthday (Plus All About Beckett)

Last post was all about Sawyer. This one is all about Beckett. Cute, mischievous, independent, daring, funny, willful, adorable Beckett. He keeps us on our toes, with smiles on our faces (and sometimes steam coming out of our ears).

Our little Beckett turned three in the middle of August, right at the time when we were getting ready to put our home on the market. I felt stretched and didn't plan a party. Someday maybe I'll throw one of those parties for my kids that I see the other moms putting on. Probably not. We tend to be low-key with our celebrations. We had a little family party for Beck at his Grandma and Grandpa Heaton's house.

Then we took the kids somewhere they've been requesting to go for years. "Chuckie Jesus". Or as you may know it, Chuck E. Cheese's. The kids were in heaven. I was carrying Adelaide and chasing the boys around everywhere trying to get a few pictures. I kind of failed at that, but succeeded in showing them a good time, on their terms.

Beck already has more clothes and toys than he knows what to do with, so we just got him a little tent and tunnel that provided minutes, nay HOURS, of enjoyment before it got broken. :-)

I find that a lot of the photos I take these days are of Beck. He is just at that age where he does a lot of cute and/or naughty things that are worthy of being photographed.

Some of the names I call Beck are Beckett-Boo, Mr. B., Mr. Beckett Man, Boo-Boo, Boo-bear, Beckett-E-Boodles, or just Boo.

See that tongue sticking out? It's a sign of intense concentration, and Beck inherited the trait from his Grandpa Curtis. Also notice that Beckett is a little southpaw, just like his Aunt Krista and his Uncles Morgan and Andrew. Beck has his daddy's big brown eyes, and his mama's widow's peak, but even more pronounced! Sometimes it grows long and he bears a strong resemblance to Squiggy from "Laverne & Shirley". It was his Grandma Charlene Heaton who first commented on the likeness.

Beck is always doing silly, funny things, like finding a new way to wear his daddy's baseball cap, or making a bed out of a suitcase. He gets attached to specific toys for long periods of time, like his pirate hat, or his sword, or the crevice tool from the vacuum. 

Crayons and pens are very dangerous in Beckett's hands. They end up scribbling on walls, furniture, bedding, bodies, and faces.

Beckett is so very independent and takes a lot of initiative to get what he wants. He always wants to "do it myself" (zippers, shoes, pour water, brush teeth - especially that last one. Beck LOVES to brush his teeth!). When things don't go his way, he throws tantrums! He has recently acquired a high-pitched train whistle scream that can probably be heard by neighbors within a quarter-mile radius.

Some foods Beck really loves include pickles, cheese, apples, noodles, smoothies, popcorn, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup. He will try most things, but he is still quite picky and unpredictable in his eating. He loves the characters from Toy Story, and has quite a few figurines he plays with imaginatively. He is getting better and better at speaking clearly, but his expressions always speak volumes. He has a very expressive face, and uses his eyebrows to great effect.

If we are going to watch a show on TV, Beck almost always wants it to be "Diego". He also likes the legos and he loves one of our Berenstain Bears books, "Spooky Old Tree". He nearly has it memorized, and it's fun to hear him say it along in his cute little voice. He has a touch of a lisp, which is pretty adorable. Beck likes to give small hugs and kisses when asked, but he is not much of a snuggle-bug. He likes to play rough and he loves to jump off things and jump from couch to couch. He has been known to bite, scratch, and hit. I hope he'll continue to grow out of that! He falls off our bar stools at least once per day. Not usually from a seated position, mind you. He stands up on them despite repeated entreaties not too, and reminders that he will fall. Then he falls. He always has a bump or scrape of one type or another. You can tell he gets a thrill from his daredevil behaviors. Heaven help me when he's a teenager!

I think I might have shared this story on here once before, but it bears repeating. When we lived in Pennsylvania, I was once at Costco with the boys, eating lunch in the food court area. Beck was right around one year old. An old man came walking past us. Beck was grinning at him, and he was grinning at Beck. He stopped and said to me, "Watch out for that one! He's got the devil in his eyes!" So true, old man. So true! I feel like Beck is always going to be in trouble with teachers, etc., and then weasel his way out of it with charm and smiles.

This next series shows Beck's version of "helping". He's loading a few full cups of milk into the silverware portion of the dishwasher. Um, thanks.

Beck is MESSY! He loves to eat in as messy a way as possible. He takes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches apart and rubs them on his arms and face, and then he thinks he is SO funny. He also likes to play with his food, particularly dunking inappropriate foods into his milk, then fishing pieces out again and leaving them in soggy piles around his plate.

One of Beck's favorite things to say is, "Nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh, can't catch meeeee!" which he says in a teasing, sing-songy way as an invitation to chase him.

He enjoys playing with Sawyer and Adelaide, and with other kids too. He has always been happy at nursery, and he would love to go to preschool. We are making a big potty-training push right now so he can start soon. In fact, he's running around my house sans pants at this very moment. He's doing pretty well, and managed to stay dry all night last night. He's getting so big and it's hard to see him grow up! I love you, my Beckett-Boo!


  1. What a charmer! I love his independent spirit and inventiveness! Thanks for the wonderful insight into the world of Beckett! All of your kids are adorable.

  2. lol oh man he is so cute and hilarious. adelaide looks so much like him to me. and therefore they both look like you for sure.

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