Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Even though she doesn't have a recent birthday for me to report about, I couldn't move on without a post about our sweet baby Adelaide.

She was a surprise baby, and definitely the best surprise I have EVER had! Look at this grin! I'm blessed to see this smile all day, every day. Adelaide brings so much fun and joy to our home. She is a very important part of our family and I can't imagine life without her. (Am I just so thrilled to finally have someone to help me balance out all the boy business in this house? Maybe.)

I'm sure you've all heard of the "Horse Whisperer". And then there are those people we call "Baby Whisperers". These people can always soothe a crying child, and all kids seem to gravitate to and bond with them. Well, Adelaide seems to be a "Grown-up Whisperer". No one can help but be enchanted by her. She just makes you feel so good about yourself, with her giggles and her smiles. She will go to anyone, as happy as can be. I think grown-ups just can't help but smile when they see THOSE CHEEKS! The next few photos are of Adelaide doing some "Grown-Up Whispering" with various adults in her life.

Getting to know Great Grandpa Burke Heaton

Papa Walt Baker and Adelaide have a serious mutual admiration society

Grammy loves Adelaide. Adelaide loves Grammy.

Adelaide with Great Grandmom Marilyn Rowley

Above you see Adelaide's other expression. Besides a smile, you might see her with her bottom lip tucked in like in this picture taken in Beck's birthday tent.

Adelaide was pretty proud of herself when she learned to stand up in her crib. She has reached all her physical milestones right on time or ahead of average. Unlike her late-walking brothers it looks like Adelaide should start walking right around her first birthday. She started standing unassisted for long stretches last week at age 10.5 months. She has four teeth on top and two on bottom. She's a fast crawler and can go straight up the big flight of stairs. She likes to play patty-cake and peekaboo, and loves to mimic sounds and facial expressions. I believe she is saying the words "baby", "baba", (for bottle), and "baa" (for bath), also "B" as in "mark it with a B". She has said Mama several times. I think. I'm pretty sure. :-)

Adelaide isn't much of a cuddler. In that way she's a lot like her brother Beck was at the same age. She sure doesn't have the anger or mischief he had, though. When she is upset she will holler a little, but I never know when she wakes up from her naps because she never cries. She just sits there in her crib amusing herself until I check on her.

Adelaide loves her Daddy (the fun parent). Or maybe she just loves his phone and iPad? I think her Daddy likes her, too. "Why is she just so happy all the time?" he asks, with an adoring smile on his face.

Some of the names I call this little treasure are Adelaide-y, Adelaide-y Baby (the kids and I have a little song we sing to her with that name), Laidybug, Laidybird, and Laidy-baby. A lot of people ask if I call her "Addie". I rarely do, but I've said it a time or two. I guess I just prefer the long version of her name. I did know an Addie once, of whom I was not particularly fond, so that probably has something to do with it. The name Addie itself is pretty cute. I imagine as time goes on friends and others will nickname her as Addie, and I will probably get used to it, too. I just love her name, though. I've had my heart set on it for years and years. I know it's old fashioned, but I just love it, and HER!

These pics are pretty recent and show off Adelaide's undressing abilities. When she wakes up in the morning, and from naps, she almost always has her pants and socks off, and sometimes works a shirt most of the way off. I guess she tuckers herself out by trying to undress herself? Like my boys, Adelaide is a little baldy. She probably won't have much hair until she is three years old. Sawyer actually had quite a bit more hair when he was the age she is now. I guess she takes after me and Beck, poor thing! What hair she does have is dark brown, and her eyes are big and dark like Daddy's and Beck's. I think she has pretty little features and will be a beautiful young lady. She may have to endure a long awkward phase like her mother. Her teeth are taking after her brother Sawyer's. It looks like she will be a little buck-toothed with big gaps in her teeth, at least with this set of baby teeth. Pretty cute if you ask me!

You also see Adelaide's binkie is clipped to her as a constant companion. I think I'll see how it goes in the coming year and see if she can give it up before she's two.

Adelaide is a good little eater, and happily eats purees (she prefers the squeeze packs) and finger foods. She will eat and eat. There hasn't been anything I've fed her that she hasn't liked. She slept through the night early and easily, and she doesn't need any coddling or a big routine to go down to bed (which is a big blessing because we have quite the bedtime battles with Beck right now). She is just easy and happy all around, and how great is that!?

We love you, Adelaide darling! I wish you would stay a baby forever, and at the same time I'm so excited to watch you grow. I know you probably won't always be the perfect angel you are right now, but you will always be perfectly Adelaide.


  1. Such an absolutely wonderful child! You are right, she is perfect and perfectly pleasing . No one could resist Adelaide's charm!

  2. oh my word she is beautiful! ok. we are getting together. give me your address. i'm coming over. right now. ok, maybe not RIGHT NOW but I just had to make a point of how serious I am about it! So what do you think? We are going to California for Thanksgiving, but I am thinking afterwards sounds like a great plan. I usually have my schedule for work for a couple weeks in advance, so yea...let's plan! and hopefully the babes won't be sick! Adelaide looks like so much fun and I think Zealynn and her will have so much fun together! Besties like their mamas! :)

  3. oh btw....the bow in the first pic looks SO cute on her! ;)


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