Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time Machine: June Pirates

It seems I've gotten a little behind on blogging about what else has been going on besides selling the house, moving, and house hunting. I've also gotten behind on posting random pictures that have nothing to do with what's been going on. Here are a few of those, from June.

First we have me with my glasses taped to my face. The earpiece was broken off by a child (identity unknown, but I have my suspicions). I hardly ever wear my glasses anyway, so now when I need them I just affix them directly to my face with scotch tape. Yes I've been out in public like this. They actually stay in place much better than they previously did. I think my fat face, misaligned ears, and wide nose bridge cause glasses to not fit me very well, and due to the thickness of my lenses I have to wear the less-custom-fitting plastic frames -- so I've always had issues with my glasses. Basically what I'm saying here is - NERD ALERT! And I'm okay with that.

The little treasure above, my Beckett-Boo has cut out naps. Note that I didn't say he no longer NEEDS a nap, just that he won't take one when sent to his bed for that purpose. Result shown above. Asleep next to a glorious home-cooked dinner of Papa John's pizza and carrot sticks.

What can I say about these pics except Cutest Pirates EVER! (These are actually colonial tricorn hats, but the kids consider them pirate hats for sure.)

Not to brag or anything...well, yes, COMPLETELY brag...Adelaide is the cutest, sweetest, happiest baby in the world. You should really meet her. She will blow you away with her amazing baby-ness.

Yay, random post.

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