Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rambling About a Rambler

Here are the photos of the home in Bountiful we are under contract to buy. It is a west-facing rambler off 400 North, about halfway up the hill. The current owners have been there for nearly 50 years (just about since it was built). They have pretty much fully updated the home, which is 3200 square feet (1600 on each level). It has five bedrooms and three bathrooms (3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms upstairs, 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom downstairs), a two-car garage, and the lot is .27 acres (I think?).

The listing says there are hardwood floors under all the carpet on the main level. They are exposed in the entryway, and we plan to take up the carpet and refinish the floors throughout. (Possibly leaving carpet in the upstairs bedrooms besides the master.) The living/dining area has pristine WHITE carpet, with French doors to the backyard. I don't want to imagine what that carpet would look like in a year or two if we kept it in place.

The walls on the main level are almost all wallpapered, in fairly subtle tone-on-tone patterns. Still, I'd rather take it down -- which sounds like a mess of a project.

The house is great and we felt good about the offer, but I am definitely in a buyer's remorse phase where I am feeling really unsure about the purchase and whether it is right for us. Plus, it is contingent on the sale of our home, which still doesn't close until the end of next week. It's not a done deal, though we anticipate everything will proceed smoothly. Many people have asked to see pictures, though, so here they are.

Front exterior. Double doors lead into an entry way with stairs down or hall leading to living/dining. To the right is the entrance to the kitchen and dinette area

Looking from the kitchen into the dinette area and toward the entry area

Kitchen, door to garage

Looking from the entry to the dining area and french doors to the backyard

Living room with fireplace

Looking from fireplace at the dining area and down the hall. Entry and stairs at left.

Back bedroom, currently used as den/TV room

Smaller bedroom, currently used as office, with converted closet

Hall bath

Standing in double-door entry to master bedroom. Bed area is to the right, vanity and closet area open to the left

Master vanity area, half of closets reflected in mirror. I'm concerned that I don't see/remember any electrical outlets in the vanity!?! The door to rest of the bathroom (toilet and large shower) is just out of view next to that cabinet to the right of the vanity.

Basement family room, with large bonus room to the right

Basement family room

Basement family room game table area

Basement bonus room
The basement bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, and cold storage room are not pictured.

Backyard stamped concrete patio. Covered patio off garage, uncovered patio off living/dining. This photo is taken from the upper lawn of the terraced backyard

Bushes! Lots of them!

West view of Antelope Island/Great Salt Lake from front porch

Parking pad with shed

Front porch. To the left of the front door you can see two oval windows. They are pretty decorative glass windows in the master bathroom/dressing room.

So, whaddya think? Anyone have any stories about homebuyer's remorse - whether/when/how it passes, or whether it's better to back out? The house truly is a lovely home, and has a good feeling to it. I'm confused! :-)


  1. It's kind of a plain vanilla house (although I think it's more interesting than my first house was, but I think you will make it more interesting just by way of putting your stuff in it. Also, that yard looks like an awesome place for kids to run around and pretend.

    When we were looking at houses, we found one in bountiful that had a HUGE backyard and some neat things about the house itself, but it was really only one bedroom. We bought our house instead, and even still, every time I drive by it and see what the people who bought it did to it, I feel a little bad that we passed up on that one. I don't regret the people I met though, and we loved our house.

  2. Also that's a huge open area in the basement. Maybe your basement will be really "cool".


  3. I practically had to be sedated when we bought our house. When it came right down to signing the papers, I was suddenly seized by the thought that maybe it wasn't the right choice after all! I settled down eventually. :) I know this house isn't your "dream home," but I think that the layout is one that will work well for your family. I think the yard is great -- plenty of room to entertain and let kids play, but not terribly high-maintenance (which is probably good since you've mentioned that you don't think Tyson will be wild about spending his weekends doing yard work). Honestly, I think you've made the right choice. This is a great house in a great neighborhood. If you have to CHOOSE to be happy with this house for a while instead of being MADE happy by this house, that's okay; either way, you're happy! I bet eventually you'll find that it does make you happy...but there's no use crippling yourself with "what-ifs" in the meantime. This is a good thing! Let it happen! Love you, sister. :)

  4. Grandmom says: I certainly experienced buyer's remorse, but we really had some things to be remorseful about - poorly built house, dirty, crooked walls, not level, sinking foundation; I could go on an on. We have spent multi-money trying to "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," as the old saying goes. (Not possible, by the way). I can only dream of having a house like the one you are planning to get. I say "Go for it."
    I have removed wallpaper from all but one room in our house; unfortunately, we are the ones who put it there! Most of it came off fairly easily.
    Good luck!

  5. I agree the yard looks awesome in both low maintenance (which is a big point for me since I do the yard work in this house) and in keeping kids safe and playtime possibilities. I also can't wait to see what the house will look like "Lisa-fied" after seeing what you did with your condo. Big amen to Kara's comment, because I HATE making decisions and always assume I made the wrong one immediately after committing. But attitude can make a big difference. I am lucky (?) in that Jesse bought our house just before we got engaged so I didn't get to make the choice, which is a good thing for this decision phobe. Love you, wishing you peace in your heart whatever may come.

  6. It looks like a nice house with lots of space. I'm sure you will do some amazing things with it because you are really good at things like that.

  7. I think you will love it! Looks awesome!

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