Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Changes, Home Photos

Anyone wondering where I've been? Oh, just getting ready to move AGAIN, that's all. At the beginning of August we had some changes come up quickly when a good job opportunity for Tyson fell in our laps. We decided to jump for it, so instead of staying in Cache Valley as planned, we will be moving to the Salt Lake City area. We will probably settle in south Davis County -- the land of my youth. Yes, it feels funny to be going back, but I hope it will feel like going home. Just when Cache Valley had started to feel like home. The change is very bittersweet.

We put our home on the market on Tuesday this week. That day we had an open house for agents (as part of a weekly home tour of new listings for agents in Cache Valley). Wednesday (yesterday) we had three showings, and by the end of the day we heard two offers would be coming in. The offers came in today (Thursday). We accepted one and offered the other the opportunity to be a back-up offer. Tyson went kayaking straight from signing the papers, but as far as I know, as of 5:00p.m. today we are under contract. Now, I don't want to count chickens before they hatch, but it looks like settlement will be in four weeks.

Finding something that suits us in Davis County might be more challenging. Good homes seem to be snapped up so quickly, and we are at the end of the selling season. We have secured a rental in North Salt Lake. The first two months will be paid for by the company. We hope we can find and close on a new home before the two months are up, but if not we will stay put and move when we find the right place.

Here are the listing photos I took of the house. Well, the first one and the one of the garage are from when we purchased. I didn't take a very good picture of the exterior, and the garage has a bunch of our stuff lining both walls right now. I need to post the "befores" to go with these afters. I don't really consider these afters, though. They are still mostly in progress. (Master bedroom curtains, I'm looking at you, ahem. Laundry room, you are supposed to have a mudroom and office. Etc., etc.)

I'm not sure even Sawyer understands that we are moving again, and the younger two surely don't. I am sad to go. We love our ward and friends here. Sawyer was so excited for his second year in his great preschool. We just had our wonderful friends the Meldrums finally move back here from Salt Lake.

On the other hand, we are so excited for Tyson's new DAY schedule, for a job more like first one he had in Pennsylvania, which he really liked, and to be closer to many other dear friends and family.

And who knows. We have moved away from Logan twice before. We could always move back.

We won't miss the winters!

This all put a big kink in my plans for (not to mention my real estate plans), and halted my posting at I should be able to pick back up again in a few weeks, but obviously Lisa Loves Logan will only be posted on occasionally. C'est la vie! This is my 13th move with Tyson. We've been married less than seven years. Whew!

Exterior, spring 2009

Living and dining from front door

Living from dining. The wall we removed stood about where that lamp and table are, and extended three feet into the room




Kitchen showing coat closet, laundry, and pantry doors, left to right

Laundry, looking from garage to kitchen

Powder room

Adelaide's nursery

Nursery vaulted ceiling and chandelier (The offer asked for all current light fixtures to be included. I am sad about my vintage Spanish chandelier!)

Boys bedroom. The glowing orb is a huge paper lantern from Ikea. Best $5 light fixture ever.

Vaulted ceiling on landing, and linen closet

Hall bath

Master bedroom. Open tub behind screen

Master bedroom to landing

Master bath

Master bath, doors to toilet and walk-in closet

Master tub and shower

Ooh, interesting. Water heater and furnace.


Attic storage above garage

Mountain view from boys' bedroom

Patio off dining room

Private fenced patio

Lawn beyond patio gate (smooshed grass where we did slip-n-slide a couple of days before)

Exterior photo by moi


  1. Looks like you have a nice place. Congratulations on the new job - stinky to have to move AGAIN, and then possibly again in a couple of months. I hope that Tyson will like his job, and that both of you will enjoy the DAY hours.

  2. wow I love how stylish your house is! So simple, but elegant and modern. Some pics looked dreamy like they would be on HGTV!
    Sorry about moving, but you follow your husband because you love him, ME TOO!

  3. Great pics of your classy house! The move sounds like a good one. Sometimes things just seem to fall in place! Love from Grandmom.

  4. Wow! You guys move so much it makes it look like we've hardly moved much at all! I hope you can find a good house soon and stay put for a while!

  5. Thanks for showing me how great the color looked in your beautiful home! Love your style!



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