Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Hot Heatons for REAL, and other stuff

I have started yet ANOTHER blog, in addition to A Farewell To Can't. This one is called Lisa Loves Logan, and it focuses on things to see, do, and eat in my local area of Logan and greater Cache Valley, Utah. It will be most applicable to anyone who lives here or has ties to the valley, but since lots of the posts will include pictures of our family it may be of interest to some of you who follow this personal blog. Mainly my Mom and Grandmom, probably! :-) Please feel free to share the link with anyone you know who lives in or visits Logan and might be interested in learning about things to do here. As time goes on I will be adding tons of static information in addition to blog posts (restaurant lists, relocation info, travel recommendations for different types of tourists, etc.), so I hope it will become a fun and useful site. I'm not planning on trying to monetize the blog in a traditional sense (sponsors, advertising, etc.), but I do have something in the works that causes me to want to build traffic there. I'll share more later. Thanks for your support!

Anyway, on to our latest fascinating update  ;-)

The day after my last post we headed down to Cedar City for a reunion with Tyson's maternal grandmother's side of the family. We arrived quite late on Friday night. Very early the next morning Tyson left to go fishing, so I was stuck with the three kids at the hotel. Well, I decided I didn't WANT to be "stuck" at the hotel, so I jumped at the chance to go on a hike with my brother-in-law Andrew, who was also stir crazy and wanted to see and do something in the local area. His family had done a hike called Kanarra Falls, which is a slot canyon type hike much like The Narrows in nearby Zion National Park. My support for the hike idea convinced his wife Missy (Tyson's sister) to go, too. One problem. Or rather, three problems. Three kids under four years old, with no child carrier front packs or backpacks. Okay, a fourth problem, too. We only had about an hour until we were supposed to meet at a park for lunch. We new we would only be able to barely make it to where the hike starts to be "cool" before we had to turn around, but we didn't let these problems hold us back!

As the hike progressed, the name of this blog became literal. My little boys were Hot Hot Heatons. We tried to stay hydrated, but temps were high and their little bodies don't seem as efficient at cooling down. We hiked about a mile and a half over hilly terrain until we reached the point where the trail goes into the creek and starts wending its way into the slot. The boys loved taking their shoes of for an all-too-short wade in the water.

Adelaide had to be carried in arms the whole time, of course, and by the end of the hike all three children were being carried by the three adults. What good sports my brother- and sister-in-law are! They are so sweet to my kids. I had a great time. I would love to go back again without kids, because the pictures I found online of the slot canyon look gorgeous.

At our turnaround point, where the trail continues in and along the creek bed.

Look at those red cheeks on my little boys!

I don't want to steal anyone else's photos to show you what we missed out on my having to turn around, but go visit this blog post and you will see some of the most gorgeous photos ever.

Our next photo-worthy event was Adelaide's first taste of solid foods. Her first one was rice cereal, and she liked it!!

Does that spoon look funny? It's called the Boon Squirt. You put the food in the squeezable handle, and dispense the food into the bowl of the spoon. Then you have a hand free for...wiping mouth, taking photos, wrangling siblings, etc. It's not meant to replace a real spoon long term (baby needs to learn how feeding really works), but for those first few messy weeks it is a great product!

Summer is in full swing in Logan. We have a membership at the Sports Academy (where I used to work several years ago - I can't believe how many of the same faces are still there), and now that the outdoor pool is open we have been having some fun. The shallow kiddie pool is perfect for my boys and their little girlfriends (the neighbor girls from the last post). Beck "borrowed" someone's diving ring and wore it as a halo. He did NOT want to give it back. What a little angel. (Hope you can sense my gentle sarcasm!)

Sawyer's friend lent him her goggle mask. I don't know if I love anything more than pictures of kids in goggles. So great!

Saturday we visited the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market, our local farmers market in Logan. A more detailed post will show up later today on Lisa Loves Logan, but these pics of cute Adelaide belong here. She  has been able to sit up by herself for a couple of weeks -- with a lot of hand-propping, balancing, and hovering from Mama. The little dollface had her six-month checkup and shots last week. She weighs 17.38 lbs (76%ile), is 26.25" long (68%ile), and is in the 76th percentile for head circumference as well. She is scooting around on her belly, but usually goes backwards. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. Maybe crawling is not too far off? She is just such a friendly, happy baby who brings so much joy to our home and family. Her brothers dote on her and it is so sweet to see. Love you, LaidyBug! We were lucky enough to be joined at the market by Krista and Chris, who were in town camping. Later that night my parents dropped by after a drive over the mountain from Eden to Avon.

Here are some pics of Sawyer and Beck at the same age. It's fun to see that she's kind of a mix of the two of them -- Sawyer's chubby cheeks and Beck's round head and big eyes. Ohhhhh, my babies!

For Fathers' Day Tyson got a new truck. Yes, another new truck. He sold the purple Ranger (we've only had it for two months) and bought a big, white, CNG (compressed natural gas) Chevy 3/4 ton pickup from his dad. Wow, that thing is huge! But the price was good, the gas mileage is great, and it has four doors and a full second-row bench seat that easily fits three car seats. Stay tuned for all the great and fun places we will go in this truck! The kids also did cute Fathers' Day "About My Dad" sheets and pictures.

Last of all, we took Tyson to lunch at Herm's Inn, a new restaurant on the island in Logan. I'll write more on my other blog, but here's a one-word review: yummy! Lucky Sawyer got the one bright yellow chair at our table.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tyson for being a great dad and husband. He works really hard for us on an awful schedule, and always tries to make time to have fun with us too, even though he is tired almost all the time. He is really patient with me and accepting of my quirks and failures. His children adore him, too. Thanks, babe, I love you!

Likewise, my own Dad is a wonderful dad -- the best a girl could have! He is the kindest person in the world. Funny, sincere, complimentary, easygoing, a hard worker, constantly serving others, an AWESOME dancer, the best Papa in the world to his adoring grandkids...I could go on.

Then there's my father-in-law, Curtis. He is more quiet about his service and doesn't like to be recognized, so I won't go all gushy here. Suffice it to say, he is dedicated to his family and provides food and fun for us constantly. The kids love their Grandpa, and so do I.

Oh my, I just want to keep going, because I'd like to mention my Granddad and Tyson's Grandpas, as well as my Grampa who passed away several years ago. We are blessed with many wonderful fathers in our lives! Happy Fathers' Day to all of them!

Last pic is a fatherly one of Tyson and his boys after miniature golfing at the Willows putting course last week. Ask Sawyer and he will say, "I won everything at golf!" but truly Tyson was the winner and beat me by eight shots. Isn't he handsome, too? Yes, I think so.

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  1. Grandmom: What a wonderful update on your family's doings. The kids are adorable, and their parents are terrific. I have to think that Adelaide looks more like Beck than Sawyer, but then I see a little Sawyer in her, too.
    Thanks for sharing.