Friday, June 1, 2012

Dinosaurs, Ponies, and Jeeps, Oh My!

Hey there! Long time, no post! Have you noticed people don't blog very frequently anymore? I think it's because of Facebook and Instagram, etc. I'm as guilty as anyone. I haven't posted in almost two months. I do want to start writing more often, though. I've started a separate blog that I hope to post to more frequently (attempting to post daily). You can visit my other blog at A Farewell to Can't. It will mostly cover our remodeling projects around the house, along with my attempts to do stuff I have long told myself I can't do. Like bake a cake. I'm using the blog as a motivational tool for myself, and as a skill polisher as I consider returning to the world of marketing in a few years, which has changed much in my absence. Personal and family stuff will stay on this blog, but I'd love it if you'd follow along on the other one, too.

Since I haven't posted in a great while, this post has a lot of photos. It's very late at night now, so it won't have many words.  I have a bad cold and I'm behind on laundry, but we are trying to go to a family reunion tomorrow so I'm trying to catch up on laundry so we can pack. Let's start back with our overnighter to Vernal in March. The first batch are from the Utah Field House of Natural History. It is housed in a fancy new building, not the one I often visited when I lived in Vernal as a child. The museum was great for kids and adults, but I missed the original display of phosphorescent minerals, which I think was larger than the new one. Or maybe I was just smaller?

Sawyer at an interactive exhibit called "Fossil or Not?"

All my boys digging for dinosaur bones. Frequent reenactments happen at our house now.

Fancy skeleton model


It was super bright outside when we viewed the outdoor models. The kids LOVED them!

Beck and Sawyer were sure this was Manny the Mammoth from "Ice Age"

"T-Rex! I'm a Tyrannosaurus. I'm the biggest carnivore in the Cretaceous forest!" Any other Dinosaur train fans out there? We have lots of mini T-Rexes stomping around our house each day!

Beck could be entertained for hours by throwing rocks into water. He liked the fish, too.
After we left the Field House, we drove around town to check out my old stomping grounds, including my childhood home.

Me in front of the little house where I lived from 1979-1984
We had heard there was no good food in Vernal, but luckily we found a taco cart that has expanded into an old gas station. What is it with converted gas stations and awesome food?!? (I'm referring to Tandoori Oven, one of my favorite restaurants in Logan, which is part of a Sinclair gas station.)

Our next stop was the Quarry, which is also in a new building.

Sawyer kept picking up rocks and telling me he had found some dinosaur bones!

Sawyer "reading" all about the quarry wall, which is field with real fossilized dinosaur bones

A blurry family photo. Pics of all of us are so rare!
After leaving the quarry we drove out to a remote ranch and cabin that are now on the National Monument lands. We took a little hike, but this is where my camera bit the dust. So that's the end of documentation of this trip.

Now picking up where my last post of iPad photos left off, here are a couple shots of the boys with their friends, two cute sisters whose backyard connects to ours. These kids all play for a couple of hours just about every day, along with a few other kids from the neighborhood.

Rody horse, their other playmate
Adelaide is still napping a lot and doesn't spend as much time outside with us. She does love to use her exersaucer when she's awake. What a cutie!

If only you could see her thighs!
I did it. I cut my hair. Not that I needed it or had only been 21 months! It's hard to take a self portrait at night with a new camera. I probably should have also styled my hair that day, but here it is nonetheless. I broke the "never get bangs" rule again!

We were driving around town and saw this big dinosaur attached to a big bounce house/maze/climbing house/slide in front of Lee's Marketplace. The boys went in, but it soon became clear Beck wasn't going to be able to navigate it on his own. Mommy had to go in, too!

I couldn't get Sawyer to look at me because he wanted to turn around and look at the dinosaur
That same day we took the jeep up Left Hand Fork in Blacksmith Fork canyon. Oh wait, the Jeep! I got rear-ended while driving the van. Everyone was okay except for the van. While it's in the shop getting repaired, we've had a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) as a rental. Wahoo! We have taken it everywhere and gotten it dirty. It sure is more fun than the van, though not nearly as comfy and convenient.

Sawyer by a pretty little waterfall

Beck again enjoying his favorite pastime of throwing rocks.

There she is! This waterfall also had tons of delicious watercress.
We had a nice Baker family dinner at Kara's house to celebrate our May birthdays.

(At least ONE of these photos turned out lovely!)
Sawyer graduated from preschool last week. Well, not really, since he is only four years old and will be returning next year. They did a cute little melodrama about their year in preschool, then received their diplomas. Sawyer loves his school and teachers.

After Sawyer got his diploma, he yelled out, "Yesssssss!"

Here he is doing it again, "Yessssss!" I hope he retains this enthusiasm for the next 18+ years of schooling! 

Beck is so incredibly jealous of Sawyer's opportunity to go to school, but he put aside his feelings to congratulate his brother on his big day.
Okay, we're almost done. Last Saturday we took a day trip to the ranch (Tyson's father's family's property on the Utah/Idaho border west of Snowville). Tyson's grandma keeps miniature ponies, and a new baby had been born a few days prior. Look at this tiny, adorable thing!

Beck wanted to go over the fence. After he saw a dog go under it, he tried that method instead.

The boys almost got a tractor ride with Grandpa Burke, but the battery was dead.

Boys and their Great-Grandma Carolyn. And she IS a GREAT grandma!!!

Tyson moved some hay for the ponies, and Beck did not want to ever stop "helping". Not sure two-year-olds and pitchforks are a good combination.
The Baker birthday celebration continued on Memorial Day with all the adults going to see The Avengers together and treating my dad to the outing. After a lunch at Costa Vida we tried out a frozen custard place in Centerville. The boys got to eat theirs in the car, and this was the aftermath.

More birthday fun, can you believe?! This time a dinner at Maddox Drive-In last night for Tyson's dad.

The birthday boy. I had better photos, but Sawyer kept walking in front of me. Happy birthday Grandpa Curtis!
Whew! I'll be surprised if anyone made it through that. We're glad summer is here with its beautiful weather. Definitely Cache Valley's best time of year, and we look forward to thoroughly enjoying it.


  1. I made it through! Yes, my blog has also fallen by the wayside. You seem to care more about blog decline than I do, as I seldom do anything about it. :) You guys have been running all over the place! You're always such good sports to come to stuff, even though it's not at all convenient for you. I didn't know that you had a miniature pony connection in your family! Don't know if I could ever finagle an invite for Amanda and Lily to see those ponies sometime...

    I'll be checking your new blog, too! Look at you; keeping up TWO blogs while my one blog withers and dies. Yup.

  2. I just broke the no bang rule ever again too. :)

  3. Grandmom loves hearing all about your adventures and seeing the wonderful photos. What a beautiful family. It was fun to see the latest version of Adelaide, the boys, too, but they don't change as much! Love all of you - see you next week!

  4. first off...LOVE the hair! second...that jeep is sweet...third...your children are beautiful! fourth...that pony is to die for. i want one pronto! and yes...not too many people post blogs anymore...i guess i'm the only one! lol i do it because it's the only way i can keep track of dates and what we do when i update my scrapbook each year! so far it has worked out for the past 4 years so i am going to keep at it even if no one reads it! :)

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