Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blogging from the iPad = no bueno

I need to look into this further to see if there is a better way to blog from the iPad besides this iPhone app which is clearly meant for posting short blurbs and one photo at a time. I just haven't had any luck uploading photos from the iPad into the regular Blogger site. But this app is the worst, because all the punctuation marks are on a separate screen, which makes adding my much-needed exclamation points, parentheses, and commas quite tedious. Perhaps nearly as tedious as reading my overly-punctuated posts. While we're on the subject of punctuation, let me clear up one thing for anyone who has ever received a text message from me. Though I understand the rules of capitalization/punctuation, my PHONE does not! In text messages, it capitalizes any word that follows a comma, but does not capitalize words that follow periods. !!!! If you know me at all (at all, at all, at all), you know this drives me crazy! So, a text message from me might read as follows. "Are you coming to dinner on Sunday? mom wanted to know if you could bring ketchup, Mustard, And pickles. we will be there, But we will be one hour late. see you then!" I can manually capitalize the missing capital letters if I want to, but cannot UNcapitalize the errant post-comma capitals. Grrr. Okay, I feel much better now that I've gotten the word out on that. Last question...who programmed this phone, and WHY oh WHY did they do this to me?

Okay, I am typing this on my computer now. Much better. But the Blogger app imported all the photos in a weird random order, and it's not easy to rearrange them, so I'll just leave them as is and describe what we see. These pics are all from the iPad. Our camera broke a couple of weekends ago. It was the cheapest model available at Sam's Club almost four years ago, so it was probably due.

Oh no, poor Adelaide is having such a rough night! She had her 4-month checkup and shots today, and she is having her first fussy, hard-to-put-to-sleep night ever. She is the sweetest, easiest baby, this is honestly the first time she has had a hard time going down for the night. Poor thing! It's getting late so maybe I will just post this random mess and leave it at that.

When I go to my camera roll on the iPad, I see sometimes up to a hundred pictures like the one above (self portrait by Sawyer).

All of the above are from Adelaide's blessing day in early February. Do you like the "best" photo we could get of our little family? Luckily we got a better one taken about a month later, without anyone pulling a "can I fly out of here?" move. Isn't Adelaide a dollface?!?

Yes, another self portrait by Sawyer. I don't even know how to make it DO those effects!

Adelaide was having fun cooing and smiling at herself in the big display on the iPad, but whenever I took a picture I didn't catch her at the right moment. I desperately need new glasses, by the way. Those ones hurt my ears, have deep, vision-obscuring scratches on them, and are at least six years old. However, I'll never find a pair that doesn't miniaturize (what's the opposite of magnify? minimize?) the portions of my face that are behind the lenses (eyes, temples). See that? My head looks so wonky. My prescription is THAT strong!

This is the most recent of the lot, from Sunday. We took a trip to Las Vegas with my family last week. We had fun and didn't bring anything home from Sin City except a stomach bug contracted from my sister's kids (poor dears were sick on the trip -- at least we made it home!). Beck had a few gastrointestinal "episodes" that led me to procure this bowl for him. He preferred it as a hat. It is quite jaunty, I must say! He hasn't returned quite to his usual self, but he did have a fun time hunting for his basket and eggs at his Heaton grandparents' house later on Sunday.

The above is, I believe, a portrait of Sawyer's bedhead.

Again from Adelaide's blessing day.

Haha, this one cracks me up. Sawyer came up to me and told me he had turned Adelaide into a Robot Baby.

This picture is to illustrate some big news. No, not Beck's promotion to Captain of the Good Ship Lollipull-ups. No, bigger news that THAT! Sawyer has stopped sucking his thumb! He came and told Tyson and me that he had decided he wasn't going to suck his thumb anymore. We encouraged him and expressed our pride in him for making such a big boy decision, and offered to help him in any way he needed, but secretly I was skeptical. This has been a really entrenched habit for him. We have an ultrasound picture of him sucking away on that thumb while in the womb! The thumb-sucking has also been accompanied by the additional self-soothing behavior of hair stroking, as seen above, and he has done both since he was four months old, day or night, happy or sad, tired or bored, and always, always, when buckled into his carseat and when put to bed at night. I wasn't sure how he would manage to stop, but stop he did. Cold turkey. It's been a few weeks and I've only seen him suck his thumb once, for one moment. Even when I check on him at night, his thumb isn't in his mouth like it always was before. What a big boy! Way to go Sawyer!

Beck has NOT given up his "naked pirate in rainboots" act, luckily. Oh Beckett-boo, you make me smile so many times every day!

Proud creator with his Robot Baby specimen. Quite the belly on that Robot Baby!

Yet again I didn't catch her smiling. She is cute lifting that big old head up, though! She is rolling over front to back and back to front now, but hasn't really achieved anything that looks much like sitting. She coos and laughs and giggles and squeals a lot. Happy almost all the time, and sleeps 12 hours at night usually. Brag, brag, brag. Here are her four-month stats: Weight, 15 lbs. 3 oz. (82%ile); Length, 24.5 inches (59%ile); Head, 16.4 inches (68%ile). I love you, sweet Adelaide!

Looks like I've run out of disorganized iPad photos. I'd still like to report on our little jaunt to Dinosaurland, but in case I don't get around to that I will just say we took a little overnight trip to Vernal and had a great time! Sawyer now tells everyone he meets that he is a "tayleontologist", and Beck runs around with a shovel yelling "Di-sore bones! Di-sore bones!!!"

Oh, one more thing. We bought a Ford Ranger pick-up. Yes, we missed our little Red Ranger THAT much! The "new" Ranger is very much like the old one, but with many less miles, automatic, four-wheel drive, and a few other minor differences. And one major difference: it's PURPLE. Time will tell if it will remain that color and be our Purple Power Ranger, or if it will be repainted, you guessed it, red. The Civic is for sale, if anyone is interested. I'm sad to see the Civic go, and I'll especially miss the gas mileage, but I can see why Tyson doesn't want to drive my hand-me-down anymore. Especially with his commute being two miles per day -- not really making good use of those gas savings! Pictures to follow.

Did you make it to the end of this? Good job.


  1. Grandmom loves these assorted glimpses of your life. such diversity and insight! Thanks for posting. Love you.

  2. I have to say that I didn't notice anything wonky about your face/glasses, and had to go back and examine the picture carefully to figure out what you meant.

    Our own flaws are always the most noticeable to us.

    Love the robot baby.

    I hope you didn't buy the broken-down truck... :)

  3. Fun update. Adelaide is so cute. I've come to discover that girls are a lot more calm than boys. BTW I love your new family photo - you look so beautiful.

  4. Adelaide is ADORABLE! And photogenic. Fun stories, cute kids. And good luck with your cars. the end.

  5. So nice to see your family at least virtually. We look forward to seeing you in person soon.

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