Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentimes, Bathtimes

Happy Valentine's Day! I saw my Valentine for about five minutes today, but the day was not without celebration. Valentines were exchanged at Sawyer's preschool, and the kids were supposed to write their own names on their cards as handwriting practice. Most of the kids have been learning to write their names in school for five months now, but Sawyer has only been working on this skill for a little over a month since joining the class in January. I knew things would go best if he could trace his name like he traces alphabet letter worksheets for school. I got that far (thinking about it) last week, then forgot about actually doing anything until last night when I realized the day was upon us.

I found a letter tracing worksheet maker here and then decided to use letters and numbers so most preschoolers can "read" the message. Sawyer traced his name and the rest was left untraced in case the kids wanted to do some extra homework. (Happy Valentine's Day...Homework!!!) We punched heart-shaped holes in the side and threaded a Valentines pencil and a Pixy Stix through the holes to holes so the valentine waved like a little flag on a pole. It was actually pretty cute, and Sawyer did a great job tracing his name 20 times. He has 16 classmates, two teachers, a girlfriend (whom he "loves") in our neighborhood, and he also made one for his daddy. I think I'll use the tracing worksheet maker again for other things. He probably would have been happier to give out Disney valentines from the store (if he had known they existed before seeing the ones the other kids gave him), but this is what we had to go with since by the time I realized it was Valentine's Day it was too late to go to the store because the kids were asleep and Tyson was gone to work. So, Happy Valentine's Day from Sawyer:
What's Valentine's Day without a little nudity!?! Here are some dang cute kids in the bath. Yes, Beck is cuckoo like that all the time, and Adelaide is, um, putting on weight. Check out that belly! So much cuter on her than it is on me! She was two months old on February 9. She weighs almost 12 pounds now and was in the 78th percentile for weight at her check-up. I think I need to pull out the 3 to 6 month clothes, because I'm having trouble snapping some of her shirts. She continues to be a sweet and smiley baby who sleeps some nice long stretches at night now, little angel.

In other news, Adelaide's baby blessing was at our church on February 5, and we had lots of dear family and friends join us for the occasion. The blessing and testimony meeting were lovely, I though. We had 40 people over for brunch in the approximately 500 sq. ft. main area of our condo. Quite a crowd! Thanks to those who came, and especially those who traveled far, and thanks to those who were with us in spirit.

I hosted another little party here on Saturday along with three cute girls in my neighborhood. We threw a Pink Elephant Swap Party. The gist of it is, everyone brings some cute, gently-used items (home decor, jewelry, etc.) they are ready to part with, and everything gets displayed on a big table, clothing rack, etc.Then everyone goes "shopping" and chooses any items they would like to take home. So, basically, it's like having a more-carefully-stocked D.I. at your house. If you know anything about me, you know nothing could be better than that! Add in snacks and a bunch of cute girls from my neighborhood/ward, and you have a fun afternoon.

Tyson has been staying busy at work at night, trying to sleep during the day at home, without much time or energy for anything else. He has switched things up a little and is trying to sleep from 2pm to 10:15pm, rather than immediately when he comes home in the morning until the early evening. I think this is working better. He may only be on night shift for a few more months, and will likely switch to swing shift. That would be great!

Beck's nose and eye seem to be all healed. He has been interested in potty-training. Well, mainly he has been interested in wearing Buzz Lightyear Pull-ups, less interested in keeping them clean and dry. He can and will go whenever he sits on the potty, but his progress has been held back by some digestive issues and what I perceive to be a tiny bladder (at least compared to Sawyer, who was incredibly easy to potty train and never had a night-time accident). I'm typing this and wondering why I am even saying all this stuff. If this is a family "journal", is this really what Beck would like to have recorded? I guess I am writing it because this. is. my. life. Tyson took the boys with him to the ranch on Saturday (for a cow slaughter...this is a story in and of itself). He came back with a picture on his phone and a "funny" story about Beck bending over to have Aunt Katelyn wipe his bottom. "Look at this kid, with his bum up in the air!" Tyson said, showing me the picture, "Have you ever seen anything like this?!?" Um, only at least twice a day, every single day, for the past several years. How have you NOT seen this!?!? This. Is. My. Life.

Anyway, we are doing a trial of removing dairy from Beck's diet to see if his problem resolves. This cheese- and milk-loving mom has had to get creative with meal planning! It's probably good for all of us, actually. I feel so sad whenever he asks for a cheese stick or a yogurt, though :-(  . If this helps, small amounts of certain dairy products will be introduced to pinpoint exactly what works. If it doesn't help, we'll look at other food sensitivities.

Beck got a buzz-cut on Saturday. I thought it might make his widow's peak less prominent (see above), but, no. Sawyer doesn't want his hair cut because he wants to have "Thor hair". Sawyer likes to eat "cranoler bars" (granola bars). Beck likes his milk "beep" (warmed up in the microwave) and his noodles with "shake" (parmesan cheese from a can). He also likes his cereal with "shake" (sugar from the shaker), though that request is not usually granted. And apparently he likes his bottled pears with ketchup. That's what he asked for at breakfast today. Ew! I gave him some taquitos with ketchup last night, pears on the side. He must have used the ketchup for the pears, and liked it. Yuck! When I served him pears today with hot oatmeal (so no ketchup), he yelled for ketchup until I decided to give him some, and it kind of seemed like he thought I was dumb for not putting the ketchup with the pears in the first place. Like I was a bad waitress who knew nothing about the cuisine I was serving.

Hmm, long post. Have I covered all the Mom bases? Poop, pee, percentiles, potty-training, pronunciations, parties, partially-nude photos. Yep, I've covered it. I'm a mom. :-)


  1. Hilarious! And i love the alliteration. Cute kids and clever mommy. Love from Grandmom

  2. "Have you ever seen this?" Seriously?! Maybe the second child having a tiny bladder (thus making night time dryness an impossibility) is a syndrome or something. Heaven help us.

    Oh, and I decided today that I'm definitely paying for Benson to go to preschool next year. The four-year-olds had no appreciation today for my in-depth lesson on our nation's government. Nor did I think they had the proper appreciation for the awesome ballot boxes we made out of empty formula cans. It occurs to me that if I can time things right, Amanda, Lily and Benson will all be in school during the same hours next year -- and I will have no obligation to cut things out of construction paper! Yesssssss!

    P.S. What is Tyson's favorite candy? I'm thinking we should have a piñata at his birthday! Or I could just get some of that awesome chicken-flavored candy from the Mexican place near your house... :)

  3. lol i love your posts!! if adelaide is big at 12 lbs at her 2 months, i'm curious to know what Z will be today (2 month check up). Last week she was 12.5 lbs! how tall is she?! k lets plan when is best for us to visit!


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