Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preschool, Prison Break, Pretty Baby

We/I got an iPad for Christmas, which is totally awesome - except not for blogging, until or unless I get an accessory keyboard. My laptop has a dead battery and a dead charger (new cord on order), so I haven't been using it. Hence, no posts, even though we've been having lots of fun and we have an adorable new baby in the house. I did want to post a couple pictures and updates, though. Please forgive any typos or weird auto-corrects and whatever format and order the pics show up in.


Sawyer started preschool yesterday, and loved it. Adelaide woke up screaming right as I was leaving to take him (I had been hoping she would stay asleep at home with sleeping Tyson while I dropped off Sawyer), so after taking care of her we were really rushed to get out the door, so I didn't take a proper picture. Wow, that was an awesome sentence. Anyway, I have two cute pictures of Sawyer smiling, with major interference from the sun, and I have clear ones of him not looking at the camera. It's the first day of kindergarten picture that really counts, right?

Prison Break

Beck has finally moved from the baby jail (pack n play with a zipped mesh tent on it) to a real bed. The transition has not been super smooth, but we're managing. I moved Sawyer out of their shared room to facilitate the transition (the boys tend to play a lot and keep each other up after bedtime, and I figured things would only be worse with Beck on the loose), but Beck was so sad last night I carried a sleeping Sawyer into the room and put him in Beck's bed with Beck and he settled right down. Aw, brother love!

Pretty Baby

Adelaide is growing so much already. I think she'll be out of the newborn size clothes soon, and I'll really be sad to see those tiny, girly clothes go! She is a really sweet, good baby. What a blessing! She smiled for the first (awake) time yesterday, but it will probably be a while before I catch a photo of that.

Beck has warmed up to Adelaide now, though gentleness is still not his strong suit. He likes to provide her with a large selection of toys in her crib, then seems somewhat annoyed when she doesn't play with them. The picture of Adelaide and Beck is from today. The one of her alone is from last week.

Sweet kids I have!

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  1. yay for updates! :) I can't believe our baby girls are growing! good for you in putting her in actual clothes! :) It's hard enough for me to get out of sweats and work out pants, so Zealynn has been in pj's! she does make them look cute though! my goal is to one day put her in an outfit, but i've just been waiting for "that moment" to put her in an actual outfit! :)