Monday, December 19, 2011

You are so beautiful to me

Adelaide Josephine Heaton
Born December 9, 2011
Photographed December 12, 2011 by Kara Toone

Thanks to my sister Kara for taking these photos of baby Adelaide. My little girl and I had a difficult time being photogenic simultaneously, but the shots of her alone are gorgeous (the baby's mom said, completely without bias).

Adelaide is a sweetheart who just sleeps well and eats well and is an all around joy. Tyson and I got to enjoy some alone time with her (and with each other) when Grammy (my mom) took Sawyer and Beck to her house for four days last week while Tyson took three days (er, nights) off work for paternity leave. We are glad to have our whole family back together again, but we did relish the time we got to spend getting to know Adelaide under such peaceful circumstances. Our boys are many good things, but "peaceful" is not one of them! Sawyer loves Adelaide very much, and likes to help with her care and sing songs to her. From what I can tell, Beck is not convinced we should keep her. He seems to be adjusting day by day.

Oh, a comment on my last post asked why I had been awake for forty hours when I wrote the post. Here's the explanation, which I guess will serve as Adelaide's birth story. I woke up at 7 a.m.-ish on Thursday December 8th like usual. I got in bed a little after ten that night and was using my computer when I started to feel ill and soon realized I was also having true contractions (around 11 p.m.). I had been burdened by extremely frequent Braxton Hicks contractions for most of the pregnancy, but this was the real thing.

Since I had tested positive for Group B strep, my doctor had advised me to not delay going to the hospital if I thought I was in labor. They would need four hours to get the proper antibiotic doses into my IV before the baby was born. My entire labor with Beck was only five or six hours (he arrived less than two hours after we got to the hospital), so it seemed time might be of the essence. I timed my contractions over the next couple of hours and they were getting stronger, more regular, and closer together. During this time I packed a hospital bag, took a bath and shower, and FREAKED OUT because I hadn't bought one single item of clothing for the baby yet. I had sorted out the gender-neutral items from my boxes of baby boy clothes, but I hadn't washed them yet. I had only done a little of my Christmas shopping. My house was a wreck. Etc., etc., etc. I had gone to term with Sawyer and one week overdue with Beck, so I was fully expecting this baby to arrive on or after Christmas day.

I still wasn't sure this was real labor, but the contractions were telling me otherwise, and I wanted to be safe rather than sorry and get checked at the hospital. Once the contractions became less than five minutes apart I left for the hospital. Tyson was at work, of course, but lucky for me his sister Katelyn had been staying at our house. She was there, so I didn't have to wake the boys or pull Tyson home from work in the middle of his shift. The oddest thing happened as I was driving to the hospital, which is only a few blocks from my house -- my contractions got a little further apart. What?! I arrived at the hospital at 3 a.m., got checked in, changed into a hospital gown, and got attached to a monitor for the baby and a monitor for the contractions. They were showing a regular pattern and intensity, but had slowed to six minutes apart by this time. I was sure I was going to have to do the Labor and Delivery "walk of shame", but the nurse checked me and I had dilated two centimeters since my doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so she decided to wait an hour and check again before deciding whether to fully admit me and start the IV for the antibiotics. After that hour passed I had progressed a little more, but the contractions had slowed further. The nurse decided to re-check again in another hour. Next hour, same story. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless, which is the definition of "true labor", so my doctor advised that he wanted my IV started.

Tyson came from work at about 6:30, and his mom kindly picked up the boys from our house and took them to her house for the day. Tys and I proceeded to while away the next few hours while nothing much happened. I dozed while he ate breakfast in the cafeteria. The contractions had become even milder and further apart, and I was sure they couldn't be causing things to progress, but regular checks proved me wrong. Nonetheless, in the interest of moving things along I was given Pitocin starting mid-morning after I had received all necessary doses of antibiotics for the strep.

After that the contractions and progress picked up, but they still were really easy to handle. Not so once my doctor broke my water at 1:30 p.m.. The contractions finally intensified to what I remembered from my other labors, and Tyson was in danger of having his hand squeezed off. I eventually called for the anesthesiologist so I could have an Epidural, which I also had with my other two babies. Everything was smooth sailing from there :-) . I had a whole new experience with this birth. I didn't have to push. Twenty-four-plus hours of painful labor with Sawyer (8 lbs. 13 oz.), with over two hours of pushing. About six hours of fairly-painful labor with Beck (8 lbs. 6 oz.), and a few pushes. Fourteen hours of easy labor and one hour of pain with Adelaide (7 lbs. 5  oz.) and NO pushing. She just was ready to be born as soon as the doctor walked back into the room. And she really was a girl!!! I hadn't let myself be too sure because the gender had been revealed to me at a hospital ultrasound that was a check-up on some complications I was having (or threatening to have) at about 17 weeks, not at the true anatomical ultrasound you are supposed to have at 20 weeks (and which I never had because it was right at the time of the move). So I never saw any pictures, so I never was REALLY sure, because mistakes are sometimes made!

But she was a girl, and she was beautiful and healthy! By the time she was cleaned up and we were moved to our Mom & Baby room and we had some visitors and I ate a BLT, it was 11 p.m. when I was going to bed and writing that post. So, if my math is correct, I had been awake (except for a half-hour doze while in labor) for 40 hours. But it was all worth it!


  1. Grandmom says: Definitely worth it - Adelaide is beautiful - and so is her mom.

  2. I love the name Josephine too, it was my grandma's name and I always thought it was so lovely, glad somebody got to use it! Sounds like this little girl is your reward for raising two rough and tumble boys, hope Beck lets you keep her!

  3. how exciting!i can't wait to have our girls play with each other!!! she is so gorgeous!! i absolutely love that first pic of her!!

  4. Congrats again!! I love the pictures. She's so small. It's hard to believe but Eliza was that small once. Way to hang in there until the end even with such little sleep. I must say that I am NOT envious of your birth story. With Eliza, by the time I was in real labor, she was born about 5 hours later - although it could have been shorter. I was in transition before we left home. She was born 40 minutes after getting to the hospital and that was after waiting 30 minutes for the doctor to get there.!! Everyone is unique. Congratulations again. She's beautiful and baby girls are so sweet!


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