Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sawyer and I Have Named the Baby

The last pictures on my camera are from Sawyer playing in the snow on 11/05, so, whoa, apparently I haven't found anything worth documenting since then, or haven't had the energy to do so. I'll give you a's the latter. I am past 36 weeks now by all measures (38 weeks tomorrow by the most ambitious measure), and Big Momma is TIRED! I did put up and decorate the Christmas tree, but have done no further decorating, unless you count stacking a few red-lidded plastic bins of decorations against my dining room wall as decorating. And when I say "dining room" I use the term loosely. I own two full dining sets, but the table to one remains disassembled, and we are worried about the chairs to the other scratching the floors, so that whole set is resting under a tarp on the patio until I can find a rug that meets these qualifications: 1) It is the right size (has to be 8' square or round, so kind of difficult right off the bat); 2) I like it; 3) Tyson doesn't hate it; 4) It's as cheap as possible; and, very importantly, 5) It hides stains and/or is easy to clean. So, pretty much a mythical unicorn of a rug. But when I say that, I DON'T mean this:

I really should buy a rug and get that table off the patio before it snows again (and again and again) and we can't bring it in until late May when spring arrives to Cache Valley. Until something gets figured out, we have a card table in the dining area, with three random chairs pulled up to it. Currently it has a big blanket over it and is functioning as a fort. I am also sitting at it to type this post. No one ever sits down to eat at it but me. We eat at the island/bar in the kitchen.

But enough about decorating. Back And the baby. And the title of this post. As many of you know (and some of you are very frustrated by this fact), Tyson and I do not pick out a name for a baby until the child is born. Tyson is not at all interested in tossing around names. Weirdo. Whatevs. I like to think about names, but realize the conversation will go nowhere, so I don't bring it up. Instead, I make a quite large list of names I like and bring it to the hospital when I go to have the baby, then Tyson chooses something off that list.

Things are a little different this time around. Whereas with my other two pregnancies I didn't have my heart set on any one name, with this pregnancy I do have a name I really like. I have quite a few other names I like a lot, too, and still an even larger list of names I think are worth considering, but yes, I do have a name I like above the others. I haven't mentioned it to Tyson because I don't want him to veto it right away. Sawyer is another matter. Sometimes he asks me what the baby's name is, so I have used him as a sounding board for name choices. For a few months now when he asks that question, I have answered, "How about [...]?" filling in the blank with a name from my top ten or fifteen, but NOT with my #1 pick. Of all the names I threw out for him, the only one he was briefly enamored with was Nora (or Norah), which he could not at all pronounce, since he can't say his letter R. So, "No-yuh" he repeated back to me a few times, but then forgot about.

Well, a couple of days ago I finally pulled out the big gun and floated my top name to see what Sawyer had to say about it. To my surprise, he latched onto it and said, "Yes, that's our baby's name," repeating the name back to me several times. His ability to pronounce it correctly is another mark in its favor, and it sounds so cute when he says it. But then he TOLD ON ME. He went and told Tyson that this was the baby's name! Tyson didn't veto it immediately, but asked if this was the first name or the middle name, and said since Sawyer and Mom picked out this name, he gets to pick out the other name. Sawyer answered that this is the baby's first name, and she doesn't HAVE a middle name -- no naming privileges for you, Dad! Hahahaha. Then Tyson asked a question that brings up a little sore spot with me. See, this name has a common nickname that I don't exactly hate but don't particularly love. There are other (to my mind, better) ways to nick the name, but this is definitely the one that will most easily pop into people's heads or roll off their tongues. Tyson asked Sawyer, "Will we call her [nickname]?" "No," Sawyer said, "Her name is [full name]." Exactly. I explained to Tyson that Sawyer has heard at least ten of my name choices and that this is the first one he has favored. It seemed like this possibly might be enough to seal the deal, and we might choose this name for the baby. I hope so!

And no, I'm not going to spill the beans about the name until/unless we end up going with it when she's born. You're welcome to guess. I'll give you a hint. After hearing the name Tyson suggested a name combination which I vetoed because it has the initials RAH, and that's on my list of initial combinations to avoid (basically any initial combination that spells a word or a less than desirable sound -- think SHH, ECH, BAH, AHH, HAH, etc.). So, the name in question starts with an R or an A. I think I may have mentioned it to my sisters and/or my sisters-in-law before, so you guys keep quiet. I really love this name, but my other reservation is that it is an old-fashioned name, especially when compared to Beck and Sawyer. So, it's not a done deal. We shall see. It's fun to think that in so few weeks the wait will be over and we will have our baby girl here!

Well, I guess that was a long, anti-climactic post, but there you have it.


  1. Well I think you should get your name, becaue I LOVE Athena for a girl, hello goddess! that is the name right? Or is is Armageddon? Whatever, if Sawyer can say and likes the name that is awesome. Hope all goes well when it is time and maybe that I get to see you before that.

  2. dang it! i was hoping to hear it! so happy you may have found a name for her!! so happy we get to have our baby girls together! i miss you darling! i hope you are feeling good!!

  3. It's a "neat" spelling isn't it!

    A-rangello Heaton.