Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To Halloween, And Beyond!

I'm trying to be a good, prompt blogger and get these Halloween photos up in a timely manner. Grammy requested costume photos, and Tyson is out of town so he missed the costumes, too. The first couple of pictures are from the North Logan Pumpkin Walk, a fun yearly event in our town consisting of "scenes" featuring pumpkins. This is an Angry Birds scene. Sawyer was having an evening of refusing to be photographed, like he was some celebrity and I some annoying paparazzo. All photos from the evening are variations on this theme:

Beck was much more willing to be photographed, especially in this Buzz Lightyear cut-out. Beck is a huge Buzz fan. He has a beloved "Buzzyear" soft toy that he sleeps with every night, and he often requests to watch "Buzzyear" movies, which are his favorite,

Tyson didn't attend the Pumpkin Walk with us, because he stayed home to put in flooring. Maybe in another post I will write about all the trouble with the flooring (sounds fascinating, right?) but for now I will just post this "semi-After" photo, which depicts the point we made it to before the movers delivered our stuff out of storage last Friday. Obviously it's not DONE done in this photo (note the tape around the still-unpainted window frames, and the baseboards that are merely leaning against the walls rather than tacked in place), but it's come a long way. Now it's a maze of boxes and misplaced furniture (however, the upstairs and kitchen are nearly unpacked).

So, the movers came three days ago. Boy is it nice to be sleeping on a real bed again! And the boys were in heaven opening all the boxes full of their toys. It was like every Christmas and birthday of their lives, combined! I am now drowning in empty boxes and packing paper, however. I can't believe how wasteful professional movers/packers are! When they showed up with our stuff, they had SEVEN crates on a huge flat-bed trailer, plus a medium-sized moving truck. Funny, we moved out there with all the same stuff in two 8'x12' moving cubes. The mystery was solved when I opened one fairly large sized box and dug and dug and dug through layer upon layer of packing paper, to find the box contained a single item: Tyson's old film camera I haven't seen him use since we were married. This was an extreme case, but there are many boxes that contain one or two items and a whole lot of packing paper. I guess packers get paid per box.

Tyson left yesterday for a week-long trip to the home office in Wisconsin. Perfect timing, right? I guess it's semi-fair, because I skipped out on all the moving and unpacking last time we moved into this house (Beck was born on our moving day). I hope Tys can get a little rest and relaxation without feeling buried by house projects the way he must feel here. We miss him, though! I especially wish he could have been here on Halloween to see the kids in their cute costumes.

Beck, the Fireman:

Sawyer, the Chef (his requested costume):

We went to a ward dinner/trick-or-treat activity in our bishop's cul-de-sac, then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa (Tyson's parents). I wanted to pull together a "waiter" costume for Beck, so they could be a matched pair, but I didn't get to it, if you can imagine that. I'm lucky I was able to move the boxes in front of the dress up dresser and locate the elements of the fireman costume. Beck approved. He loved his hat and kept flipping the face shield up and down. Cute boys!

We also celebrated Sawyer's birthday since I last posted, but I need to get some pictures off my mother-in-law's camera before I report on that. Sawyer is one sweet four-year-old!


  1. These boys are SO CUTE in their costumes! What great pictures -- thanks! And the house looks wonderful. Just elegant! It's amazing what you've done, and the now you are almost moved in for good.

    Love you!

  2. What a cute fireman and handsome chef! The house looks great and we are glad that you are finally moved in, We are looking forward to visiting you the next time we are in Cache Valley. Love, Granddad

  3. They look handsome in their costumes. They both look like they could pass off for a real chef and fireman. Hope you get moved in ok.

  4. This is not related to your post. . but wanted to "talk" to you. I came over to your blog via your comment you left on All Things Thrifty. . because your comment was honest and so full of good advice. I could so see you having a little side business where critique people's blogs. . . .just wanted to encourage you if that thought has ever crossed your mind :)

  5. oh my gosh..sawyer's costume kills me! so hilarious!! and your place looks awesome!!! can't wait to eventually visit you guys! i swear we keep saying we have to get up to Logan, but with the babes coming so soon now...we're trying to get things in order. (i'm sure you understand!)

  6. I love their costumes! So darling. I'm sorry I haven't been a very good sister in terms of "hepping" with your move. :( Everything looks so good! Post more pictures once you get your furniture in place, hmmm? Luh you!

  7. Wow, I can't believe they are so big it really has been a long time since I have visited you guys