Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some amount of weeks

I've had some requests for prego pictures of me (gluttons for punishment, I guess?). I have finally been photographed for the first time in this pregnancy. (Well, there are a couple photos of me from Beck's birthday, but they don't show my belly.) Fair warning: I have had quite a few comments lately about how BIG I am. ("Wow, you're so BIG!" "You're REALLY PREGNANT" "WHEN are you DUE!!!???" "Don't take this the wrong way, but, you're a lot bigger than my friends who are pregnant and due at the same time...") Most of these comments came from younger female relatives (both sides of the family) who have yet to experience the joy of having your body grow out of control while inhabited by, basically, an alien parasite for the better part of a, I mean the joy of nurturing a precious and tiny child inside your body for nine glorious months.

I did unpack the calendar wherein I had charted out how many weeks along I would be at any given time, but it's downstairs and I don't want to consult it. I think I'm somewhere between 32 and 34 weeks along, depending if I want to believe the doctor's due date (December 27), the suggested due date from my early ultrasound (December 25), or my originally calculated due date based on LMP (December 16), which I believed to be my due date for the first several weeks of my pregnancy, and which I still mentally clutch like a child clutches a beloved, threadbare stuffed animal, stroking it lovingly and imagining it's real.

Anyway, without further ado... (Apologies for the poor lighting and bad self-timer photography -- also the no makeup (hence the extremely shiny cheeks) and the wet hair pulled up. This is still the best I had looked in days!)

Beck brought me the camera this morning and said "Pictchoo, pictchoo!" very urgently. He gave me the camera, so I obliged and took his picture. This was the face he felt it was so important to have documented. Well, he still melts my heart, even when he's sticking his tongue out at me.

Here is Sawyer modeling some "face armor" he made out of one of his birthday gifts, a starter set of Magformers. He wants me to help him construct some armor that completely surrounds his head!

I've gone about as far as I can go on the unpacking without further help from Tyson. Lots of stuff is stacked precariously in the garage, with tiny passageways between items. I'm sure you realize that the belly pictured above and "tiny passageways through precarious stacks of furniture and boxes" are not a good mix.

One more thing I'd like to mention is how beautiful and LONG this fall (autumn) has been. We still have pretty leaves on the trees and mild weather for playing outside. Thanks, Cache Valley, for gently easing me into your winter this year!


  1. Well, for the record - you don't look huge... if anything it's because you are so tiny otherwise! You look great! Miss you!

  2. Grandmom says: You look terrific! And the boys are as cute as ever. Love youl

  3. you look great. That baby has no place to go but out. :)

  4. Oh my gosh! You look so amazing!! I'm not just saying seriously are all belly and such a cute one too!!