Monday, November 7, 2011


Unpacking is basically finished, but there is still a lot of organizing yet to do. I organized the herbs and spices today (a rather extensive collection), so that's something, right?

Tyson arrived home safely and got the garage organized. There are still a few pieces of furniture that need to be sold/given away/sent to D.I. before we can park a vehicle in there, but we did get a lot of off-season stuff loaded into the attic space above our garage. We had never used or looked at the attic before, and hadn't realized it would be so large and hospitable for our bikes, camping gear, Christmas decorations, etc. Well... not Christmas decorations yet, because it's about time to use those. Tyson got a good area set up at the end of the garage for all his tools, and even hung up the two cabinets we bought at a yard sale for a couple bucks each just after we moved to Pennsylvania.

I'm having trouble deciding on hardware for my kitchen drawers and cabinets. Also, all the doorknobs in the house are still removed, waiting for me to spray paint them so they're not polished "brass" anymore, but now it's gotten too cold for spray painting so I might just reinstall them and wait until later to paint them. We're getting a little tired of doors that won't stay closed and kids that burst into our bedroom whenever they feel like it. On the other hand, I have kind of enjoyed observing Beck through his doorknob-hole when he is supposed to be settling down for his nap. I can tell he is soooooo tired...he is woozy looking, and wobbles all over the place just sitting there, yet he insists on performing headstands and chattering away to himself or to his array of naptime companions: a tiny stuffed Elmo that vibrates when his string is pulled, a "Buzzyear" soft toy, a traditional-style sock monkey, and a Curious George stuffed animal. He'll be chatting away and then, abruptly, he will fall over asleep.

Speaking of stuffed animals, Sawyer has lately taken to a small stuffed dog he has named "Woofster". Woofster is very affectionate, and we are all well-licked. We had snow (barely a couple of inches) on Saturday, and Sawyer played in it for almost two hours, building a robot snowman. He's eagerly awaiting the next snowfall. In another post I mentioned Sawyer's Sawyers, and said I might explain later. Here's the gist...

Sawyer is apparently the leader of a group of other Sawyers. They all live on the moon (or sometimes on another planet somewhere). They travel to earth on a rocket. On this rocket, and on the moon, they have pretty much everything we have here on earth. For instance, if I give Sawyer something to eat he has never had before, he will say, "We had this already...on my rocket." I wasn't quite clear on the Sawyers...was this just the term he was using to refer to "boys" or "friends"? No, they are clones. "My Sawyers look like me and they talk like me." We hear quite a lot about the moon, and the Sawyers. Sawyer will talk about them at great length with anyone who will listen (and with people who WON'T listen, too). This is just one of several imaginative scenarios that have caught his interest lately, but the others are equally grandiose. For instance we ate lunch at Hamilton's, a local steakhouse, on Saturday, and Sawyer spent quite a long time describing to me in detail how he built the whole building himself, because he is such a good builder. One highlight of the meal was having Bananas Foster prepared (flambeed) tableside for dessert. The kids were quite delighted with the whole thing, but then Sawyer didn't want to eat food that had caught on fire.

I finally did "real" grocery shopping on Saturday for the first time since we've been back in Utah. It's nice to be really cooking again. We made smoothies yesterday (pretty regular thing for us that we haven't been able to do for a long time), and this morning I made Hootenanny (German pancakes) for breakfast. Tonight I made Carnitas (America's Test Kitchen recipe) for dinner, and the whole process was just so satisfying. It feels good to be home in our home.


  1. Grandmom says: Love the Beck and Sawyer vignettes - so cute. It's so nice for you to be settled in. Love to all.

  2. I love watching little kids when they're falling asleep. Sometimes I want to install a reverse peep hole in their doors for that very purpose.

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