Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today Sawyer asked for his cape.

Cape = white flour-sack dish towel.

I got one for him and tied it around his neck. Next, I was bending over with my back to him and he said, "Mom, you have a cape on, too!?"

Cape = blousy white maternity shirt

I said, no, this isn't a cape. It's just my shirt. It's a big shirt for mommies who are going to have a baby. It's big because my belly is getting bigger.

He said, "Oh. It's kind of an apron shirt."

Yes, I am getting SO BIG. I am only 23 weeks (almost -- or is it 22, almost?) and I look like I'm at least 10 weeks further along! I haven't tried to take any pictures of myself this pregnancy, but I will probably try to do one soon. I know I have one at 25 weeks from when I was pregnant with Beck, so maybe I'll take one at the same point to compare.


The crew is coming to pack our house tomorrow, very early in the morning. I have a lot to do before then, and I can't seem to make myself do it. I am so exhausted, mostly mentally. My brain is worn out from dealing with the logistics of this move. No less than 10 companies are involved in the process so far, probably with more to follow. It takes forever dealing with the associated phone calls and emails. When we moved out here, ONE company was involved (well, besides Tyson's employer). It's nice having the moving "taken care of" for us, but it's a hassle in its own way. I guess it beats packing, though! A totally separate company is coming just to disconnect and prep the washer and dryer for moving! Our circa 1996 buff/almond color washer and dryer we bought with our condo in Logan. The ones we packed our coats and sweaters in when we moved out here.

Let me be honest here and report on my worst shortcoming over the past week and a half. I need to go wash some dishes. Some of them have been dirty (well, not DIRTY, I rinsed them thoroughly) since Beck's birthday part 10/11 days ago. We dirtied every serving/mixing bowl I own that day, and a few of them are still waiting for me in a bin under my sink. Out of sight, out of mind, right? they HAVE to get clean, because they need to be packed tomorrow. Go do it, Lisa. Right now. Stop typing. Stop looking at Pinterest. Stand up. There, there you go!


  1. I'd just go with supermom. Super that you are surviving. :) Sometimes that's the most we can expect of ourselves.

    Can't wait to see you!

  2. Grandmom says: Up, up, and away, Supermom!

  3. I haven't commented in a while. So real quick, showing everyone your rash pictures, hope everyone and thing heals up nicely, good luck with the move, and glad you can be back in Utah, glad the prenancy is going well, and SUPER glad and happy for you having a girl. What a nice addition/change for your little family.
    The end. :)

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