Friday, August 19, 2011

A review, an announcement, a birthday

I probably should wait to post this until I have the pictures Tyson took with his phone, but here goes. He took most of them of our EMPTY plates, anyway. I've meant, over time, to do little write-ups on the restaurants we go to out here, because I like to remember that kind of thing, but I haven't kept up with it. Now I have a category on Pinterest for restaurants to try and restaurants tried, so I hope to do better at this in the future.


Casablanca Restaurant - Warrington, PA - 8/13/2011 - **** out of *****. Tyson and I had a prix fixe ($32pp) 8-course dinner here on a Saturday night. It was our first date in months, and I had so much fun and loved the Moroccan food. You eat off those low tray tables, with pita bread as your only utensil (except the couscous course, when you are granted a fork). Our table is the one you can see in the front corner of the picture here They give you full-size bath towels to place in your lap.

The Moroccan food was great - our favorites were the dips (baba ganouj and hummus), the salads (an awesome carrot one was my favorite, and there were two others), the rabbit which was so tender and had peppers and dates and a spicy sauce on the side, and the spiced lamb dish -- oh, and the b'stilla (sp?), a powdered-sugar dusted savory pastry that I have been wanting to try forever. So messy, but so good!

There was also couscous, baklava, honeyed lamb with nuts, a huge bowl of fruit, and mint tea. Our server(s) -- and apparently the chef, we were told - were amazed by our appetite and ability to practically lick our platters clean, to the point that the chef started doling out extra food to us to see if we could "handle it". We did! Well, except for we didn't finish an apple and a banana out of our fruit bowl. Just a plum, an orange, a bunch of grapes, and something other piece of fruit I can't remember -- after eating every last speck of our previous six courses and still facing baklava and tea for dessert.

There was supposed to be a belly dancer - a male(!) belly dancer, on the night we were there - but either the entertainment had already gone home by the time we got there, or wasn't there at all that night. I loved the whole experience and if we weren't moving I would definitely want to go back another time with a bigger crowd of friends. They pour rose water over your hands before and during the meal, since it is quite a messy affair. The service was good. The place has a fun, exotic ambiance, very dim and lounge-y, with Moroccan textiles and metallic accents everywhere.

Tyson and I had some good jokes and conversations and it was just a fun, yummy date overall. Oh...our other activities for the night were buying presents for Beck at Target, and browsing Home Depot for flooring ideas for...

...our condo in Logan, UT, which we are moving back into within a matter of weeks!

Most of you who read this blog already know this, I think, but Tyson was offered the job in Logan with Schreiber Foods, and after a little negotiation accepted it, and we are moving back to Utah again. It's so funny, we really aren't trying to "settle down" in Logan for the rest of our lives, but we sure keep ending up there! Well, for the next few years we think this will be a great situation for our family. Our moving truck leaves a week from today, the boys and I fly out later that night, and Tyson flies out exactly a week later. In two weeks we will all be Utahns again!

I really am sad to be leaving Pennsylvania so very quickly, though. I thought I would have several more months here. There are many more things I still wanted to see and do in the Northeast, and some things I've already done that I want to do again. There are people I will really miss, and others I still wanted to develop friendships with and now I'll never get the chance. But on the other hand I am so excited to get back to my family and my lifelong friends, excited to feel more a part of my community, excited to fix-up our condo and move back into the place that is "ours", excited to have my baby in a familiar place with support close by. Not excited for? ANOTHER Logan winter...and another, and another, and... Why is it I keep missing summer in Logan, but keep hitting winter? Boo.

In other news, Beck turned two on Sunday, and we celebrated his milestone with a barbecue and cake and ice cream party with many of our PA friends. I guess it was sort of a going-away shindig, too, and a "use up all the meat in the freezer because we can't move it" party. Beck was spoiled with many fun presents, and the kids have loved playing with his new toys. Oh, Beckett -- he is at the cutest, most mischievous stage. The kid doesn't have an appropriate, life-preserving fear of climbing things or jumping off things. About one of his favorite activities, which he repeats every evening when Tyson comes home from work and is relaxing on the couch, is jumping from a chair behind the couch onto the back of the couch, landing on his belly, and thrusting his weight forward as much as he can to topple forward onto the couch. It's a big jump, too! So, basically I am always terrified watching him and all his antics. I'm surprised he hasn't already had stitches. He has tons of words and a cute way of speaking. He is very much in an "I'll do it by myself" phase -- buckles, stairs, feeding, it's all "MY DO! MY DO IT!" I can tell he's already interested in potty-training, so we'll probably tackle that when we get settled.

Here are some pictures of the birthday boy and birthday festivities. Look at all that loot! The yellow horse is a bouncy toy called the Rody, and it is an awesome and hilarious toy that the kids love. I saw it at a toy store here and determined I would get it for Beck's birthday. My mom was the one who ended up ordering one for him. Thanks, Grammy! The sunglasses were one of the presents from Grandma (Heaton)...isn't Beck cool! Tyson and I bought him one outfit (the poor kid only gets about three new outfits a year. Not that he really needs them with all the hand-me-downs from Sawyer and their cousin Benson.) and a few new toys at Target, including the sock monkey. Sawyer and I got him some other fun toys, puzzles, and books from Care & Share, our favorite thrift store, including the shape sorter, which he loves. The other toys and books were from our kind friends, including that bubble-blowing Mater push toy. Thanks, friends!

Happy birthday, Beck! We love you!


  1. My sister had one of those sock monkeys.

    Overall, looks like a very successful haul. :)

    Happy Birthday Beck.

    (And we can't wait until you get back to Utah! Your next move needs to be just a tiny bit further south...)

  2. Grandmom says: What a great date night and meal! Beck is a darling birthday boy, and he received so many fun presents.
    See you soon in Utah!
    Love you.

  3. Happy birthday Beck! That Mater would be a definite win at our house.

    Yay for coming home! So can we start planning a girls night now? Let's have a Lisa's back in town party!

  4. So fun!! we are so excited to have you in Utah!! I want to see pics of you and your little one darling!!! can't wait to see you guys!! we'll have to pay "up the river, down the river" like good ol' times! :)