Monday, August 8, 2011


Sooooo...I really should post a big, long update to push all those disgusting rash pictures further down the page, but really, I don't have much to report, and I don't have any new pictures.

Tyson flew out to Utah on Monday, August 1. After much waffling and deliberation, in the end he DID end up taking my little William Beckett with him on the journey. What a trooper! Tyson, I mean, not Beck. Beck, on a lap, on a flight, is anything BUT a trooper. He's wiggly, naughty, messy, loud, stinky, sugared-up, a rabid attention-seeker, and has his every whim catered to. He rarely holds still, and even more rarely sleeps. Of course he is super-duper cute, as always, but it's generally not a smooth or relaxing experience for the "lap".

What Beck's absence afforded me was a chance to catch up on a little sleep, quite a bit of housework, and a lot of laundry. Yes, I can and DO do these things when Beck is home (well, not the sleep part), but he undoes everything the second I do it. Literally, he follows me around, the Great Un-Doer. It was so relaxing to have my work stay "done" for a while. I cooked really low-key dinners (other than one night when I made baked tilapia and some yummy sides), and I only had to run my dishwasher ONCE the whole week. I went SIX FULL DAYS without changing a diaper. I also applied Tyson for over 40 jobs (anyone who's done this knows that takes FOREVER), and Sawyer and I had some fun play time and a few outings, too. Basically, I lived a life of leisure for a week.

But, I missed my littlest and biggest boys! I'm so glad my little Beck-monster is back I'm so glad to have his smiles and his loves and his words and his messes around again. I missed Tyson, too. It's so nice to have everyone together again.

Millions of thank yous go out to those who got to take care of Beck and have all THEIR work undone by him this week: my sister Kara, my mom, my mother-in-law Charlene, and of course Tyson. From what I hear, Beck had a great time.

He wasn't sad at all to say goodbye to me and get on the airplane with Dad when they left. He was literally, like, "Seeya, Mama!" I don't think he was homesick or Mama-sick while he was gone. But he WAS glad to see me when he got back. The look on his face, it was like, "It's you?! You ARE real, not just a memory!?!? I LOVE YOU!!!!" It was very cute to see the brotherly love between Sawyer and Beck, too. Of course, as of today they are back to their squabbles...but it's all good.

Beck spent the first part of the week with Kara while Tyson went to his family reunion at Lava Hot Springs. I'm sure Beck would have had fun, but having a two-year-old to take care of single-handed does sort of put a damper on the types of things you do at Lava -- golfing, swimming, tubing the river, staying out late playing Rook -- so I can see why Tyson went on his own. This was my first "miss" of the reunion since Tyson and I met in 2005, so I was kinda sad about that. I hear it was fun.

Charlene picked Beck up from Kara's and they all enjoyed a couple nights in Cache Valley. Tyson had a lot of phone interviews and appointments on Wednesday, and on Thursday he had his job interview/plant tour pretty much all day. He came away from the interview even more impressed by the company than he was before. It's kind of funny to say, because usually Tyson is pretty nonchalant/nonenthusiastic (even maybe pessimistic?) about things, but this time he really sounded excited about the possibility of being offered the job. Soooooo...that's NOT FUN! Isn't it just sometimes a pain to WANT something and not know if you'll get it? Because HE wants it, now I want it, and it makes me think of how easy and nice things would be if we got to move back to Cache Valley. Our condo is coming vacant this month and we could just move right in...fix it up a little? find a neighborhood preschool for Sawyer? eat REAL wheat bread? enjoy Sunday dinners full of garden produce with the Heatons? go to church right down the street? WALK into the foothills of REAL mountains? pay way less than $4.50 a gallon for milk? I could go back to school? have a baby in Brigham City again with my familiar doctor? visit my family easily? not die of poison ivy or humidity? potentially have Tyson home more than one waking hour per day (ok, who knows, no promises, it is still the food manufacturing business)?

It makes it all feel like I have a big, sore CRUSH on someone! I thought I was past that! Oh well, we should know in a matter of days, and then even if we do get an offer we will still need to pray about things and see what decision seems correct. Urgh, wouldn't it be awful to get the offer and then to somehow feel it wasn't the right move?

So, I hesitated to post all that, because now I might end up having to come back here and say, "It didn't work out." But really, it's okay if it doesn't work out. Tyson HAS a job, and there will be other opportunities.

While Tyson and Beck were gone, Sawyer and I hung around home a lot and had some park visits. We also went to a Young Women swimming activity, which Sawyer loved. A highlight of the week for me was a visit to Longwood Gardens on Thursday. Longwood Gardens is one place I'd really miss if we moved away from the Philly area -- there is nothing comparable in Utah, though Red Butte is a lovely garden. I still need to post the pictures from my sisters' visit so you can see how ah-maze-ing Longwood Gardens is. This was my fifth or sixth visit there, and I finally saw the rest of the garden I hadn't seen yet (yes, it took that many visits to see the whole thing). We visited the fun outdoor children's garden (there is an indoor one, too, which we've visited every time, as well as three treehouses we have visited multiple times), the waterfall, "Eye of Water" water feature, Chimes tower (which has a 64-bell carillon that plays on the hour), idea garden (which includes the most fabulous vegetable garden, amazing outdoor floral beds, and butterflies and bees everywhere), outdoor rose garden (too bad I missed this when it was in its prime), large fountain garden, and topiary garden. Whew! We also made a quick pass through the indoor conservatory garden to see what was new this season, and took a look at the water lily garden in full splendor. Maybe some pictures would have made all this more impressive? Well, I was relishing my week of not having to carry a diaper bag and/or big purse, so all I brought in was my membership card and my debit card. We also ate lunch together in the cafe, which was pleasant and tasty. We stopped at an Anthropologie on the way home, and Sawyer kept telling me to try on all sorts of fancy shoes. He picked out an awesome pair for me. (MotherBoy XXXVII, here we come.)

On Saturday we had our big day of fun. We went to lunch at an Indian restaurant which I have to say had the most fabulous lunch buffet I have ever seen at an Indian restaurant -- soup, three kinds of naan, seven appetizers, 14 entrees, 8 desserts, 6 chutneys, fruits, vegetables, mango lassi included...for $11...WOW! I have been craving Indian, and that hit the spot! Then we went to buy some toys at our favorite thrift store in Souderton, Care & Share, and visited Sawyer's favorite play place, Mr. B.'s. We came home for dinner, then wrapped up the night by going to Sawyer's first movie in the movie theater (and my first in the past two years, I think). We saw "Smurfs" so, um, if I were choosing solely for me I probably would have chosen differently. If I were choosing solely for Sawyer I would have chosen differently, but Cars 2 and Winnie the Pooh didn't have any evening showtimes. So....I had extremely low expectations for "Smurfs", which it managed to exceed by a little. But don't go running out to see it! Sawyer loved the whole experience, though. He kept getting up to hug me during the movie and saying, "I LOVE this, Mom!" So very cute. So very EXPENSIVE! My ticket was $11, and Sawyer's was $8.50. What a rip-off! We got a popcorn and a drink, too, so you can only imagine! Oh well, it was a fun date for the two of us. Maybe we can go again in a year.

Well, that was a really wordy, no-picture post. I guess I have to "journal" somewhere. Many thanks again to everyone who watched Beck in Utah. I have truly amazing family members -- especially Kara, who took on having FIVE kids (and sometimes six or seven...she was tending extras all week), just so I could relax with ONE. What a gem!


  1. You deserved a break. I'm glad you got one! (and I really want to see pictures of the garden...)

  2. So if he does get the job we might have to hurry and come out there before you leave!

  3. Grandmom says: I hope we get to see the garden. Do you think it will still be pretty in October or November?

    Good luck to Tyson! Wish you could have come to Utah, too, but you got a bit of a break while he was gone with Beck. I'm hoping to see you settled in Utah before long.