Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Succeed at Craigslist Without Really Trying...

The headline is true, minus the "without really trying" part, that is. Succeeding at Craigslist involves a lot of watching, waiting, haggling, driving, emailing, having people flake out on you, etc. But I do have to say I have had some major successes buying and selling things on Craigslist. My cheapskate tendencies combined with my copywriting background have allowed me to get some killer deals and then sometimes sell with some killer markups. I'm trying it again right now, selling off some things I love, but that just look plain silly in our 1930s caretaker's cottage. I bought most of these things (but not all) with the idea of selling for a little profit down the road, but it's still hard to let them go. That's why I'm willing to sit on them for a long time to get the price I want. Literally, SIT on them, since most of them are chairs.

I just want to memorialize these things so I can remember that I had them once upon a time. See, in the last few years I have developed a little interest in furniture, interiors, design, etc. I don't think it's something I'll ever really be good at, but it's something I enjoy looking at. I go through days or weeks occasionally where I keep up with like it's my full-time job. I have a folder in my Pictures folder called "Decor", and within that folder are 68  more folders, breaking down inspiration pics into different rooms (Entry, Dining, Master, Kids Rooms, etc.), different pieces of furniture (Chairs, Card Catalogs, Sofas, Window Seats), and even quirky, weirdly specific categories like Peacocks, Houndstooth, Black/Yellow, FurnitureWithFaces, and Slanted Ceilings. Now, I am so incredibly paralyzed by indecision and perfectionism and anxiety that I rarely implement any "decor" of my own. (No, I still haven't hung any photos or art at our new house...what if I ruin the plaster and the whole house comes tumbling down around me?!!) Still, I like to look. And I like to own, if only briefly.

I know my taste does not align with most anyone else's. It's not really the "Utah" style. (I'm not knocking the Utah style...the rustic, comfortable look is appealing in itself just like nearly every look has its own appeal). So I'm not expecting anyone to be over the moon about the pictures I'm about to post. I'm just posting them to keep track of their time in my life and home(s). So, without further ado... (trying out's new multiple photo uploading here. I hope it's a million times better than the usual uploading procedure!)

Whew, that multiple upload was smooth! Yay, Blogger! I hate you less now!

Now, some of the inspiration pics that go along with these. Sorry, I am not going to attribute on these. Most from some from Domino and other places.

Sorry, lame post! I finally have started putting together photos from our trip to Williamsburg in March and my sisters' trip out here, so, wrap-ups of those great times will be along...someday.

Oh yeah, there was a tornado yesterday in Philadelphia, and a tornado warning out here in the suburbs! It has been raining like crazy all week. Today has been pretty nice, but as I started writing this post it got dark as dark outside and now the rain is coming down again. I hear the weather's not much better in Utah, but I'll see for myself in a few days! Yes, the boys and I are flying out Saturday for a 2.5 week visit home. Tyson can't join us, due to work, but we are going to love seeing all our family and friends. I'm so excited!


  1. I am hoping that some of your Craigslist prowess will rub off on me as I try to sell the card catalogs (for a profit, I hope!). As different as our design styles are, I really do have an appreciation for those pieces (though they're not reflective of my own personality). I actually think I am gravitating toward design that is less...fussy. Anyway, what will you replace them with? And where will you sit in the mean time? :)

    I don't know if you already saw this, but I posted a link on Hag's Facebook wall. It's a sneak peek at her belated birthday present (it will be a miracle if I can go a whole year and give everyone's gifts to them ON TIME). Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

  2. I like the metal chairs. Those look neat. :)

    I don't feel confident in my ability to buy stuff just to resell it, but I do like buying stuff I need, and selling stuff I don't on KSL.

  3. I feel pretty pleased with my self that I have now have seen the REAL items in your REAL home, and in case you couldn't read my exuberant enjoyment while I was visiting, I loved your vibe! I loved your pieces as a reflection of you and loved your arrangements, your neat accomadations (neat in the older sense of the word, like the way sailors are neat in their accomadations, neat as in meaning smartly contrived and sensibly executed . . . have I said too much?). I loved the way your home was a little adventure in itself; a exploration of getting to know the character of your house and pieces. That said, forgive me when I say I loved the way it *didn't* look as fresh-pressed as the inspiration design shots you posted. It looked like somebody lived there (or was moving in there ; ) ) and that that somebody was you. It didn't look like a magazine page. That, I like.
    And thanks for the tip on draft blogger! I read your post before I undertook that ambitious uploading project and thanks to you I went to bed at 11 instead of who knows when! Moving pictures was still about as enjoyable as a papercut, but I can't blame it all on blogger since there's always a strong likelihood that any difficulties I encountered are due to my own ability to self-destruct any technological undertaking.

  4. We've lived in an actual house that is ours for a year and I still can't bring myself to knock holes in it. That and I'm indecisive/perfectionistic like you and can't do anything decorative until I'm SURE. Which is never.

    And according to Studio 5 and Nate Berkus, you're style is pretty much where a lot of us are headed.(I get to watch a lot of those, since I'm only ever feeding babies and need something to occupy my eyes while the rest of me does baby stuff.:)