Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pickled Eggs...Yes or No?

Pickled Eggs.

Maybe you've seen them in the gas station, in their huge jar. Maybe you've wondered, shouldn't those be in a refrigerator?

Does just the idea of pickled eggs make you sick? Or have you tried them?

I tried one once in at a Maverik in Hyde Park, UT. It was very sour (fine by me). The texture wasn't what I expected (the "white" is hard and almost dried out). It was a garlic pickled egg (not sure I was a fan of that, and I am sure Tyson was not a fan of that). Overall, I definitely liked it, but not enough to buy them often from communal jars at random gas stations.

There will be a follow-up post to this. But first I just want your answers. What are your thoughts about pickled eggs? (I ask that as though pickled eggs are a usual subject for "thoughts" though you've already firmly established where you stand on pickled eggs.)


  1. I'm against pickled eggs. It's an evil abomination against eggs.

  2. I ditto Alice and also add my own comment on pickled eggs, "YUCHHH!"