Thursday, April 14, 2011

Falling into the toilet

As I've mentioned previously, my darling, dear sisters visited me last week. Krista left a few things behind: a shirt, and two teeny tiny elastics she uses to put cute pigtails in her hair. (Sidenote: I cannot, and never have been able to, put cute pigtails in my hair. No matter how much I try to poof up my hair and have it look tousled and cute before putting in the elastics, I always end up looking like Wednesday Addams. Like, seriously, because I ALREADY look like Wednesday Addams. Anyway...)

Sawyer, for whatever reason, dropped one of these tiny elastics in the toilet yesterday morning (into unused toilet water, just to clarify). Probably to see if it would sink or float. "Sink or Float", a game he plays on, is causing some problems around here. Well, it sunk. Then, he wanted to reach in and retrieve it -- or he wanted ME to reach in and retrieve it. No way! We had to have a discussion about toilets, and germs, and how we never EVER drop things in the toilet, and we also never retrieve what is in the toilet.

Well, clearly there are some exceptions to that retrieval rule, and I had to exercise one mere hours later. My cell phone flew from my back pocket into the toilet, thankfully ALSO into unused water. I reached in and snatched it out as fast as I could, with Sawyer (yes of course he had followed me into the bathroom, despite what I was about to do in there) shouting, MOM! NONO! THE TOILET! GERMS! RESCUE IT!!!!!!!

Now, this is a brand new phone. It is only 2.5 weeks old. I had been using my old phone for nearly three years. I used the previous phone for more than two years before that. This should illustrate both that I don't let things happen to my phone, and that I don't ever have a new phone. I don't "upgrade". So, what I'm saying is, this phone was brand new and precious. And soaking wet with toilet water.

Here's what I did: powered it down, took apart all I could, dried it, and put it in a bowl of uncooked rice (trick I had read about some time ago online). It's supposed to remain in the rice for at least 24 hours, perhaps longer, and when I remove it, charge it, and power it up, it's supposed to be good as new. We'll see. Pending that it does actually continue to work, how do I ever get over the fact that it was in my toilet? Is it bad to douse it in hand sanitizer or something. Ugh.

Sorry, totally lame blog post.

Just to make it more lame, I'll follow up on my pickled eggs. I bought a jar in Lancaster, PA from an Amish guy at the Central Market. They were pink! I couldn't resist. Like those shown here: Beautiful! And soooooo good! They taste like pickled beets (as in, there was plenty of sugar as well as spices in the pickling brine, not to mention beet juice)...but better? Problem is, eggs don't exactly have the calorie/nutrition profile of beets. You'r not supposed to eat, like, six eggs in a sitting, right? Well, I did, yesterday. And Sawyer ate two. Except he won't eat yolks, so I ate his yolks too. Beck doesn't like them. More for me. I finally was able to put the jar away, but got it out again today. Sawyer ate one and I ate two. Then I just decided I had to eat the last one so they would just be all gone and out of my life. I want to make some for myself, but I see that it is dangerous to my cholesterol levels.

So, my verdict: pickled eggs, YES!

(Toilet phone, NO!)

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