Thursday, March 31, 2011

Public Spectacles of Affection

Probably only my sisters will get the inside joke of the title, once they see the pictures. These are just a few recent pictures of our family. The Sawyer selection exhibits some of his large range of smiles and expressions. He already has quite, um, prominent front teeth, with a large gap between them. Then, sometimes, he insists on smiling like this:

Haha. I think it's cute, but for his sake I hope he grows out of it before he goes to school. Another reaction when I asked him to smile:

Then this one...I think he said he was Batman:

This was the best of my four attempts to take a picture of Tyson and me. This wasn't while driving, by the way:

And what's little Beck doing in his carseat back there? Oh, eating an Uncrustable:

Here he is with a clean face. He is wearing his skeleton Halloween costume, which I regularly use as pajamas for him:

Okay, that one's a public spectacle of affection for real. It would look pretty romantic if Tyson had closed his eyes and wasn't obviously suppressing a laugh. Oh well. :-)


  1. Hmmm...interesting *range* of emotions! I must admit that I was very anxious to read this post when I saw what the title was. Scandalous...

    I think I still have a copy of the "Baker Family Values" somewhere. If you could, it would be nice to have several blog posts with excerpts from this document as themes. Maybe you could start with "Making Out is Verboten!" Just a suggestion...

    Oh, and Logan seems incapable of taking "romantic" pictures, too. Whenever I tell him that I want to take a picture of us that makes it look like we're in love, he gets all weird and unnatural. That is, of course, if he hasn't already found a hiding place after hearing me utter the phrase, "I want to take a picture of us..."

  2. i love all the pictures!!! btw...taking pictures or not, kev always kisses me with his eyes open!! i guess he just wants to see how perty i am right? :) so yea...every "romantic" pic we have that is "romantic" in my eyes...may not appear to others! :) that's alright...i'd rather have an open eyes kiss than no kiss!!