Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet our new house!

Moving on from self-obsessed posts about old hairstyles for a while...

...and onto self-obsessed posts about living accommodations...

We are moving into a new (old) house! We moved all of our furniture and most of our boxes over the weekend. Just a few more boxes to go today, and we will spend our first night in our new house tonight!

Let me introduce you to the place. Here's an aerial view, courtesy of Google Maps. Pretty awesome, huh!

I know what you're thinking...Tyson's bonus this year must have been pretty good. Well, it was...but not that good! Pay no attention to the gigantic early-1900s mansion with the pool and the tennis court and the sprawling grounds featuring a menagerie of life-size animal statues (you can't see them in the picture, but they're there).

And direct your gaze, instead, to the humble but sweet cottage across the street. That's ours!

Our new place was the caretaker's cottage for the grand mansion and its 70-acre estate. The estate has an interesting history I will cover in a future post.

In the picture above, (1) is the cottage, (2) is the water tower, and (3) is the workshop that is used by our landlord, Tuck.

Cute little cottage! It is three bedroom, two bath, with an eat-in kitchen, separate dining room (yay!), living room, bonus room/office upstairs, and downstairs rec room. Pictures to follow. There is a studio apartment attached, which is occupied by a couple in their 20's.

Front yard view. The landlord said we can till a garden spot up front by the fence. Okay, here's one of my favorite features:

Is this awesome, or what!?!? It's the old water tower that originally served the estate (marked by #2 on the aerial view). It is an actual copy of a bell tower pagoda in Suzhou, China. I'm a sucker for having something no one (or very few others) have or even WANT to have --- and now I have a 5-story pagoda in my backyard! We get to use the little garage to store our bikes. View of the pagoda in relation to the house. You can also see the wooded backyard, and the workshop behind the tower.

I am in love, love, love with the house and the location. It is in a private, wooded neighborhood with very little traffic, yet is within walking distance to a train station, library, independent movie theater, swimming pool, two parks, three museums, and tons of restaurants and shops. Tyson is the one taking one for the team here, because his commute will be at least 15 minutes longer each way. It will be more like his commute when we lived in Logan. However, we are decreasing our church commute by just as much.

Well, I better get back to packing...


  1. Yea for you! That house sounds perfect for you, I can truly imagine you loving it. Thanks for the pictures. After you get unpacked and settled (in like what 2 weeeks the way it works with kids?) I'd love to see interior pictures. Love you!

  2. oh wow! that is so awesome, I am happy for you guys. It has so much charcter, it looks like a fun place to grow up, you're boys will love it I am sure. Good luck with the move!

  3. I LOVE it! I can't wait to see more pictures. (and I'm okay with pictures that include boxes and moving mess, really!)

  4. That's so exciting! Seriously it looks adorable!

  5. (Grandmom) Love it! The house looks wonderful, and the water/tower/pagoda is the best! Sounds like your stay in Williamsburg was stellar.

  6. Very cool property. I hope it's great living there as well. And I think you are such a fun writer. I smile when I read. So thanks for that!

  7. that is one of the coolest houses/yards i have ever seen!

  8. Thanks for sending me your new info and I'm glad to find out about your blog! What an awesome house! I hope you get to know the neighbors across the street well so you can use that pool and tennis court. I must say you had me fooled with that first picture!

  9. awesome!! So fun to read about what you are doing! Love the Pagoda!

  10. Hope it doesn't take you too long to get settled. Let me know if you need any help. Glad that the new place is working out, but am sad that you aren't in our ward anymore.

  11. love it too!! how fun! so happy for you guys!!! too bad we couldn't be the couple renting the other part of the house!