Thursday, March 31, 2011

I never knew I was such a fish geek

Before I post my "Befores" from my new house, I feel that I absolutely MUST post the photos from our amazing trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. My cousin Song, who lives with her husband and kids in the Virginia suburbs of DC, invited my kids and I to go with her family and her parents (my Aunt Klaire and Uncle Robert, who were visiting from Colorado). We had such a great time! We went on December 30 and saw the Dolphin Show, the 4-D condensed movie version of The Polar Express, and millions of fish and other types of water life.

I don't know who loved it more, me or my kids. I was excited to go, but I didn't know how amazing the aquarium would really be. For the next several weeks after my visit, any poor soul who asked about the aquarium was subjected to several minutes of me gushing on and on about every detail of the experience. Sorry to those who went through this! But seriously, you should see this aquarium!

As for my boys, they exhibited extremely long attention spans while at the aquarium. They each could have watched any single exhibit for an hour, and there are exhibits for basically every type of water habitat in the world, so that's a lot of exhibits (and a lot of hours). The Brewer/Dustin contingent wore out a while before my kids would have, so we'll have to go back another time. We didn't get to see the rainforest, the Australian exhibit, and maybe half of the habitat exhibits. Thank you, Song, for the invitation and for graciously hosting us at your home when you already had guests. Thank you, Aunt Klaire and Uncle Robert, for helping me with my boys. Thank you, Carmen, for being such a good friend/cousin to Sawyer (and to Beck, too). Thank you, Ethan and Ashlynn, for being fun and adorable.

I didn't do any cropping or editing to these photos yet. That's part of the hold-up on my blogging efforts, so I'm just going to try not to be so obsessive about it and just get things on here.

Dolphin show:

Polar Express 4-D (They call it 4-D because they do all sorts of experiential things in the theater, like snow falls on the audience, wind blows in your face, water sprays, seats rumble, something inexplicably jabs you sharply in the back once in a while, etc. -- very strange, but Sawyer liked the whole thing and mentions it often):

The big jellyfish exhibit. So many different varieties of jellyfish, large and small, and most with some amount of fluorescence. Very cool!

The next day we had a fun time visiting a playground near Song's house. Cute, cute!


  1. Grandmom says: I love these cute pictures of our wonderful great-grandkis. Carmer and Sawyer seem to be really great pals.

    The aquarium is wonderful. Hope I get to go sometime!

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