Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I found one more holiday card photo option. Nothing says "cheery holiday scene" like two little boys gazing with wonder at the first snowflakes of the season...

...while standing on an electric piano in their underwear.

This photo option is for those who prefer a card with partial nudity. And judging by the comments on my last post, some of you DO have such a preference. You want a Christmas card? HERE'S your Christmas card.


  1. Ya! I totally want one of those in the mail. Love it! How about Valentines Cards? I'm kinda anti-Christmas cards. I won't list my reasons here. Just know I struggle the way you do plus some personal issues I have with them. Humbug.

  2. I don't care when people send me happy mail. I just like getting it. I think that picture would make a great happy mail card.


  3. that is quite possible the best Christmas card I've ever seen!

  4. Groundhog Day is coming up.... maybe you could use it for that?