Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you have two kids in there? -- Traumatic Travel 2010: Part 1

Long before we knew we would be moving to Philadelphia, my parents had planned a Park City vacation/family reunion to take place in early June 2010. I had planned to be there all week with my boys when that only meant traveling from Logan, but when it became clear we would be moving to Philadelphia in mid-April, I didn't know if it made sense to travel back to Utah so soon after our move.

Whether it made sense or not, I decided to go. I just couldn't miss out on all the food, laughter, fun, and Baker bonding time.

I was apprehensive about flying alone with Sawyer (2.5 years old) and Beck (9.5 months), but I tried to figure out the best way to do things. I splurged the extra hundred bucks for non-stop flights so I wouldn't have to get us all on and off the airplanes with all our carry-on items and gear (carseat, stroller, etc.) any more times than strictly necessary. But I couldn't splurge and get three tickets; Beck would be sitting on my lap for the nearly five hour flight.

I rigged up our double stroller to accommodate Sawyer's carseat. I figured this was a necessity. I needed somewhere to safely put Beck if (when) I needed to take Sawyer to the bathroom on the airplane (he had only been potty-trained for a little over a month). I knew Beck was much more likely to sleep in the carseat (he is not a willing cuddler), while Sawyer would potentially sleep in my arms. I knew it would come in handy to be able to buckle Sawyer into a seatbelt he couldn't undo, unlike those airplane seatbelts. Sure, it would be a little difficult to check the stroller at the gate and get on and off the plane with Beck, Sawyer, a carseat, a backpack serving as a diaper bag, a computer bag, a rolling carry-on, a miniature backpack, a monkey harness backpack, a purse, and two blankies....but it could be done. And after all, it would only need to be done once to get on and once to get off. No sweat.

Here's a photo that shows my double stroller carrying Sawyer's car seat. Please imagine me pushing this, with Beck hidden in the back seat and Sawyer perched in front. I'm wearing a huge backpack and I have a rollie bag, a computer bag with a laptop and a purse in it, and two Sawyer-sized backpacks hanging from the stroller handles. Two blankets and two hoodies are in the storage net under the stroller. You could barely see Beck when he was tucked away in the backseat. I kinda regretted that, because people at the airport could only tell I had one child with me, and therefore did not accord me the proper amount of sympathetic looks. I used a complex, self-engineered system of bungee cords to secure the seat. You can bet it was oh-so-fun to go through security -- but more on that later!

To be continued...


  1. wow, I've traveled with little ones. It is a task. But I wasn't alone. Man, I feel for ya. I look forward to the end of your saga...

    And I wanted to quickly thank you for your nice comment on my blog about our 4th baby, and gearing up to find out the gender. What you said was perfect. Sweet, to the point, and not "trying" to make me feel better. It was like a breath of fresh air (sounds cheesy)compared to what people say. So thank you.

  2. ha! oh man...that's hilarious. i can totally imagine it and i'm literally LOL right now. Sorry I couldn't be there to help! :( glad you made it out alive!! miss you!