Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What else are "computees" for, anyway?

When I open the computer to do some work or make a post, Sawyer approaches and says, "I wanna see puppies! See puppies!" You see, I showed him some puppy pictures on Google image search one time, and since then this is all the computer is good for to him. That and talking to Papa (and Grammy) on Skype.

Today I decided to do a twist on our usual puppy search, and search for videos instead. This is one we watched. Awwww! I love interspecies friendships!


  1. Jackson thinks the "compuder" is for looking at the phases of the moon especially since ours CANNOT play Teletubbies like Grandma's can, for some strange reason.....

  2. Ours is for watching the "laughing babies" and alphabet songs...and Alexis thinks it's for endless shopping

  3. Ours is for playing on lego.com.