Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, we're still alive...

We just got the internet hooked up yesterday, so I am pleased to be able to announce that we are all safe and sound in Pennsylvania! We moved into our rental house on Saturday, but I'm still unpacking and organizing. The house (which Tyson viewed/applied for/accepted while I was still in Utah) will be a great place for us to live for the next year (the length of our lease) or more. It has some pros and cons.

Pro: It's in Souderton, the same town as Tyson's workplace, so he has a very short commute.
Con: Souderton = not that cool of a town.

Pro: Has three bedrooms.
Con: The kids' rooms are on the second floor, at the top of a treacherously steep and narrow winding staircase.

Pro: Has two bathrooms.
Con: I miss the big bathtub and separate shower of my old master bath. Also, the upstairs bathroom here makes one feel like Alice (in Wonderland) after she grows large by doing the whole "Drink Me" thing. Everything -- tub, toilet, vanity, and mirror -- is miniature-sized! The bathroom seems to have been built to about 3/4 scale.

Pro: It has wood floors throughout, except for tile in the kitchen and carpet in the master bedroom.
Con: Now I need to buy some large rugs. Also, aforementioned treacherous staircase is even more treacherous because it is wood, with a wood floor at the bottom.

Pro: It's not just your typical "all white paint" rental. The living room is a springy green, the hallway yellow, the main bath lavender, and upstairs rooms yellow and blue, respectively. As someone who was paralyzed by trying to decide what colors to paint my own house, it's nice to have the decision taken away (even if I probably wouldn't have chosen some of these colors).
Con: The kitchen has wallpaper in a tiny floral print, with a big border of sunflowers and a couple other country flowers. The master bedroom has sort of parchment-look wallpaper with a country/southwest mash-up for a border, in navy, burgundy, and green. As someone who does not like country florals or southwest mashups, it is not nice looking at this wallpaper.

Pro: We have permission to paint.
Con: Painting = no fun. And I don't know if we have permission to take the wallpaper down. I don't want to ask because that is a ton of work for a house that isn't ours, and I don't want to offend the homeowner by disclosing my dislike of the wallpaper. I don't know if she put it up or if it was there previously.

Pro: Big, fenced backyard with nice brick patio.
Con: Big yard to mow. Drainage problems in the backyard make some parts very mucky.

Pro: Older home with character.
Con: Older home with ants, spiders, and these terrifying gigantic creepy-crawly things with a million legs.

Pro: Lots of basement and attic storage.
Con: Not a lot of kitchen storage.

Pro: One car garage, attached to house by a breezeway so you don't have to brave the elements to get from the garage to the house.
Con: No automatic garage door opener, so you have to get out of your car anyway just to get into the garage.

Pro: Our rent is on the low end of the price range for a property of this size and type.
Con: The rent still feels astronomical, as it is nearly twice what our mortgage and HOA fee was in Logan.


I barely found my camera, and I haven't taken any pictures for almost two months. Here are the house pictures that were on the rental ad. I'll get around to taking some when everything gets put away. I promise I'll take some of the boys, too!

Anyway, I really miss home, friends and family, but so far I like it here a lot!

(Following pictures show the owners' furniture.)

Brick patio -- too bad we don't have any patio furniture!

The miniature bathroom.

The main bathroom.

Blue upstairs room they used as an office.

Yellow upstairs room they used as a guest room.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom (notice wallpaper).

Kitchen - erm, wallpaper.

Two views of the living room.

Two views of exterior front.


  1. It was fun to talk to/see you last night, sister! Your house looks cloot. :) I am PRAYING that you'll be able to come to Park City! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Love you!

  2. Seester! "seeing" yesterday made me miss you so so much! You looked darling with your new do. Sawyer and Beck were freakin' adorable. I miss you!!!!!!! The house looks really cool.... I like your furniture more. LOVE YOU SISTER!!!!

  3. Even if the wallpaper isn't awesome, it's still a pretty cute house. And those bugs with the they look kind of like earwigs but more alienish and not as dark and move really fast and like dark, dank corners? We had those in Boston. Freaked me out! My brother, Josh, who didn't see one in my house but when I described it to him said it sounded like a bug he had in his mission in West Virginia. He called them "Silverfish." But they look nothing like silver or fish and don't deserve a name so pretty or alluring when they actually look like something that might crawl up your nose and eat your brain while you sleep and program you to change your mind about sunflower wallpaper and minibathrooms and treacherous stairways.

    If not, then nevermind. You've got something else on your hands...or in your nose...or wherever.

  4. love it lisa!!! so happy for you guys and this new adventure in your life!!! can't wait to talk to you soon! love you!

  5. So happy to hear you made it alive! It looks looks like a very cute house. Can't wait for more pictures.

  6. Bad wallpaper aside, it looks like a great house.

    A picnic blanket works for "patio furniture" (although with your skills in hunting down used stuff, I'm sure you can find something). (Have you found the local thrift stores yet?)

    Post more pictures soon!