Monday, January 25, 2010

Good thing they're cute!

Saturday I decided to "get ready" again, so I could drop my resume off at that store. I did the "get ready" part (albeit in my one nice pair of dark/dressy jeans - the slacks from the day before were making their way through the laundry), then decided I should call before I went over there, to make sure the position had not yet been filled. Well, it had been filled, after being advertised for only three days. So much for that idea.

At least I already have a great job at home with these two adorable (but sometimes NAUGHTY) boys.

Beck was five months old on January 14. The time is flying by! I decided to give him rice cereal for the first time. Results were rather typical:

Another big milestone for Beck occurred a few days later when he sat up on his own for the first time. Of course, he looks like a squishy little Beanie Baby, folded almost in half at the tummy, but he sure is cute!

I took the above picture of Beck, and you can see Sawyer's little legs in the background. Seeing my camera, he came and sat down right next to Beck, as if he was thinking, "Oh, are we taking pictures of cute boys sitting? I'm really good at sitting! Look how good I am at sitting! I can do it sooo000 much better than Beck can, see?" (Note the overturned coffee table in the background. Typical daily occurrence.)

Look, Sawyer used to be sqwunchy too (Sawyer, 5 months, March 2008):

Isn't this one just too precious?:

Now, on to the naughty side of things. Sawyer got a cup of pre-cut grapefruit out of the fridge. Some days he likes grapefruit, some days he doesn't. I was hesitant to give it to him, because I like to keep it all to myself, but I decided to let him try it.

Sawyer's booster chair is strapped to one of our barstools. Only occasionally do I let him eat at the bar. Usually I attach his tray to his booster, because messes seem to stay more contained that way. Also, usually I remain with him the entire time he eats, for two reasons. One, to watch and make sure he doesn't choke on anything, and two, because messes seem to stay more contained that way.

For whatever reason, I decided to change up my methods with this snack. I let Sawyer sit at the counter, and I ran upstairs to put my hair in a ponytail while he ate. Before I went upstairs, I had a little bit of a vision of the damage that could occur while I was gone. I had a vision of the precious grapefruit chunks spread all over the counter. But then I thought, no, he wouldn't do that!

I'm sure we all know where this is heading. This is what greeted me when I came back downstairs:

That doesn't really show the full extent of the damage. Grapefruit chunks had landed on all four of the stools around this bar, and were also all over the floor. As I tried to clean up the mess, the grapefruit chunks separated into smaller and smaller and smaller pieces. Not counting the ones on the counter, which I'm not too ashamed to admit I ATE with that yellow plastic fork (hey, they're too delicious and expensive to waste!). I didn't eat the ones on the floor, okay?

Moving back to brighter moments, I opened another box of baby clothes from the top of my closet, just to check that there weren't any more clothes in Beck's current size in there. I found this adorable hat in there and put it on the baby.

As soon as Sawyer saw it on Beck, he started saying "Nion! Nion!" (Which is "lion" in Sawyer-speak.) I thought that was really funny that Sawyer perceived that this hat in any way resembled a lion. Luckily, there was another "lion" hat in the box, albeit one that was much too small for Sawyer. I put it on him anyway, and he loved it and kept saying "nion" over and over. If I put the lion hat on Beck, then Sawyer immediately goes looking for *his* lion hat. If I put Sawyer's lion hat on Beck, or vice versa, Sawyer immediately rectifies my mistake. No one can wear the striped lion hat except Beck...and Daddy. We did try it on Daddy, and it looked great and was acceptable to Sawyer.

Two cute boys! We are still sick, and the three of us are cuddled in my bed, still in our pajamas (10:45 a.m.), watching "WALL-E". Sawyer won't eat anything. He is running a fever, and I had to force-feed him some grape Tylenol. He seems to be perking up a little bit as it is kicking in.


  1. I love Beck's big bright eyes and cute smile!

    We missed you at girls night, by the way. Sounds like you had an eventful day...oh the crazieness of being a mom, and trying to do anything else.

  2. oh man...i love reading your posts! you crack me up!! i can't wait to see you guys and meet Beck for the first time! crazy!! see you soon my friend!!

  3. For the love of grapefruit!!! But they are awful cute kids. And thanks for posting just one whiny post. Poo days are a part of life and they ought to part of blogging. I frequently have a post running through my head entitled, "whoever said there are no dumb questions has never met Carmen." It's greatly relieving to edit and re-edit it in my mind, but I guess I'm glad I've never seen it in it's caustic, virile, form, posted on the www. Poo complaining is a much more sypathetic topic...