Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanks for your cooperation. NOT.

Tyson and I bought these matching shirts for our boys just before Beck was born. Unfortunately, Sawyer's got stained the first time he wore it, which was before Beck ever grew into his. The stain wasn't too bad, and now Beck has grown into (and almost out of ) his. Of course, the weather has turned and it is too cold for short sleeves. Long-sleeved undershirts to the rescue! I finally put the boys in these shirts on the same day, so of course I wanted a photo. Sawyer would have nothing to do with that idea, and this is the best one I got. Yes, THIS is the best one. Thanks, little buddy.

At least I could count on the easygoing little moldable lump of clay (a.k.a. Beck) to pose for a photo.

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