Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire! Choking Hazards! A Trike in the Powder Room! It Must Be Someone's Birthday!!!!

My little baby boy turned TWO YEARS OLD on Friday, October 23. I can't believe it's been two whole years since I spent my entire birthday in excruciating labor. It was all worth it! Sawyer is a joy in my life; he brightens every day with his big, toothy grin and funny ways. Sawyer likes to give loves and kisses, and he's still a good cuddler. He is a very active, curious little boy, but he doesn't give me too much trouble. I adore you, Sawyer!

I knew exactly where to hide all my little un-pottytrained-boy's presents.

I think the balloons may have beat out the tricycle as Sawyer's favorite thing about his birthday. Still pictures can't really capture his excitement, but I did make a video.

I made cupcakes for the first time. Yes, from a package. They turned out pretty well. Okay, so I didn't know how full to fill the cups in the muffin tin. And I only have one muffin tin, so I had to throw out the other half of the batter. And yes, I way overfilled some of the cups, so I had to trim the sides off those cupcakes to make them look normal. Well, kind of normal...normal in size, but not normal in their bare, cut off sides. Yet, everyone said they tasted good, and they were all eaten quickly. I don't like cake/cupcakes, so I didn't try them. Sawyer licked the frosting off two or three of them, and didn't eat much of the cake part. Atta boy!

Is Tyson "itching" his nose?

It's amazing how much a baby grows and changes in a year. Here is Sawyer on his first birthday. He has definitely gone from being a baby to being a little boy. He got a "bike" last year too. He has still enjoyed pushing/riding it around lately, but I think the new tricycle is going to take its place in his toy rotation.

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