Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Race Is On...

We heard from our loan officer (through our agent) that our closing will be next week - Monday the 10th at the soonest, and Friday the 14th at the latest. My due date is supposed to be this Friday, August 7, but I'm still trying to hang in there as long as possible so we can bring the new baby home to the new house. My ultrasound (at approximately 20 weeks) pegged my due date to be later, about August 16, so I'm hopeful I'll make it. Also, my doctor is going to be out of town from the 8th through the 12th, so I'm hoping to avoid those days as well. I think he would have induced me before he left, and REALLY wants to induce me on the 14th, regardless, but I would prefer to go into labor on my own unless it gets to be WAY past my due date, or unless there are health risks to me or the baby in waiting it out. (Though I admit it would be nice to get the baby out ASAP and halt the progress of my stretch marks! Blech!)

So, question for the ladies - have you been induced, or have you gone into labor on your own? If you've done both, which did you prefer, and why? Also, did you have any epidural, or has anyone done it "natural", and what did you think about that?

We had our little yearly trip to Lava Hot Springs for the Burke Heaton reunion a few days ago. This year we just went up Sunday afternoon and came back Monday evening, because Tyson had a big presentation at work on Tuesday. We enjoyed some good card games with family, a yummy dinner and homemade root beer, a funny talent show, and a day of swimming at the city pool, which features four big water slides. I probably don't need to mention that I didn't go on the slides. I also neglected to get the camera out and take any pictures. What? Why wouldn't I want to be photographed in a bathing suit 4 days before my due date?! I don't even have a maternity swimsuit, and I haven't ever been swimming during this pregnancy. Instead, I wore one-piece that I got on clearance at Kmart in Price for $5 when forgot my suit when I visited Tyson during his carbon manufacturing job last fall. It was too big then, but the closest I could get to my size. Now it was *just right* (not quite) and oh-so-flattering. I didn't see any other pregnant ladies at the pool. I stuck out like a sore thumb (or like a sore belly, in my case). We did have a fun time, and wish we could have stayed for Tuesday and tubing on the river (Sawyer and Tyson, at least). Thanks Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Burke for all the time, effort, and money you put into providing a fun reunion for all of us!


  1. Lisa-I have gone in to labor my own first two times, but with Truper they had me induced. I enjoy going into labor on my own. And I am all about the epirdural. Garon's epirdural was horrible, but Brisa and Truper were perfect. Good luck, I hopw everything works out.

  2. I got induced and I thought it was the way to go. I obviously have only had the one baby so I'm not sure what it's like to go into labor naturally but I liked being able to have the epidural as soon as it started to hurt and didn't have to worry about my water breaking somewhere weird.

  3. I have gone into labor twice on my own and then been induced twice. Both times I went into spontaneous labor I was augumented with Pitocin, so I technically have never had a fully naturally progressing birth. Actually, the worst labor pains I felt out of the four were felt during one of the times I went into labor on my own, whatever that is worth. I had an epidural every single time, and l-o-v-e them. To each her own, but I'm all for medicated birth!

    Best of luck.

  4. I've gone into labor once and been induced twice, although the first induction didn't take more than the Cervadel (sp) to get me going so I didn't need pitocin (sp). In my opinion, labor is labor no matter how it starts. It feels different for each one, but I don't think inducements are the culprit. I just think it's the babies, their size, your age and which pregnancy...

    And I'm not one of those people who feels great after doing something physically hard. I don't get a sense of accomplishment from stuff like that. Which is why you'll never see me run a marathon. But if you're that type of person, natural may be the way to go.

    I think epidurals are fabulous. They made my birth experience so wonderful for me. For me pain is to be avoided at all costs and is a sign of bad things. It also makes me feel out of control, with my emotions, the pain itself, and eventually everything - which I don't like. I think without epidurals, I would have felt some sort of resentment to Wayne, my body, and the baby for putting me through it and then feeling bad I felt that way. My recovery with epidurals was amazing. I felt great and didn't need pain meds. And I felt like I wanted to have more babies because I just loved having them. And I felt this way and still feel that way now. I think it's all because of the epidural.

  5. The first two times I went into labor on my own and they were MUCH MUCH shorter and less painful than the last! I'm talking 30 hours or more difference. I didn't have an epidural with Emma because we lived in California and it was the 'cool' thing to do, and it was alright. i enjoyed being able to get up sooner, but I was able to enjoy the birth more with the twins and Grant, so I'd get one again. The only reason I got induced with Grant was a moving factor; I had to get him out, you need to keep him in. I say just hang in there and wait it out! Good luck! I totally understand how uncomfortable you are right now...I don't envy you, sister.

  6. I've been scheduled and induced three times...with Brooklyn my water broke, but my contractions didn't start so I had to have pitocin, but had the excitement of not knowing when it would happen ( and a fun story to tell). It was fun once, but I like to know what when and where. I hadn't showered the day my water broke and hadn't shaved for who knows how long. She was two weeks early, so I wasn't prepared at all to leave for the hospital-- I was also strep b positive so it was impoprtant to be at the hospital fast for meds before she came and so I was stressed trying to find a place for everyone to go, not to mention getting Chris home.

    As for the epidural--I had one all four times. With my first, it shifted it my back during labor and the medicine was not going to the right spot about the time labor was quickly progressing. I thought it was normal to be feeling so much and the Dr. just kept trying to adjust things, which didn't work. I did get a shot of something local just as Alexis came out, but it was close to natural I guess. I also had two layer of tears and stiches to deal with. I was so tense from all of the pain, I didn't let myself realx all of the muscles for her to come out. That's my theory at least.

    With the other three I had no tearing at all. This made for a much better recovery. With those three epidurals, there was a difference in the amount of medication I got. I didn't like the time my left leg was so dead I coulnd't move it or walk for lots of hours. I like to still be able to feel some and like to move my legs and rear end on my own. It takes the pain away enough to relax a bit, but still feel in control. My recoveries get better with each child it seems.

    Good Luck! I'm way excited for you!!