Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Standrod House Progress

Tyson, Sawyer, and I took a quick day trip Saturday (quick afternoon trip, really - you know how it is with a toddler) up to the Utah/Idaho border to check out the progress on the house renovation. Tyson had been spending most of every week working up there until he started his job in mid-June. The sheetrock crew has continued working in his absence, and I hadn't seen the house since before work started (see blog entry a few posts back), so we both wanted to see how things were coming along.

It's looking great! The upstairs is especially transformed. What had been a dark attic full of small rooms and bird/bat/rodent poop is now a soaring great room with one private bedroom and bathroom. The downstairs looks good too - not a speck of peeling wallpaper anywhere. Due to the solid brick walls, the floor plan couldn't be changed to conform to today's standard of open-style kitchen/dining/family rooms, but this does leave plenty of private bedrooms for plenty of Heatons. There is a fairly large opening between the kitchen and what will be the living room, so that's nice. The main floor also has a mud/laundry room and two bathrooms.

There's a lot of work yet to be done: new windows and doors coming this week, refinishing the existing trim and installing new trim, refinishing wood floors where they are salvageable and installing new carpet and tile where they are not, installing sinks, tubs, toilets, cabinetry, etc., and then painting. Oh, and of course furnishing the place. There's even talk of building a wraparound porch (Tyson's dad is definitely attached to the idea). Here are some pics of the progress so far, with a couple before/afters.

We'll just start with a super-cute picture of Sawyer, for good measure. "Come on in!!"

The upstairs, last time I saw it.

The upstairs, now!

Another view of the upstairs.

Okay, I'm too lazy to put these back in Before/After order (and Blogger is really unfriendly at this type of thing, for some reason), but above is what will be the kitchen, as it is now.

And this is the same room, last time I saw it.

Exterior remains much unchanged, and needs some work.

But the weather had changed, from cold to warm (snow/no snow), so we took a quick ride up the road on the 4-wheelers. (No offroading for this pregnant chick, or for the 20-month-old!)

Thanks, Tys, for taking us on this little trip! It was fun to do something together as a family. The house looks great, and I'm so proud of you for all your hard work on it.


  1. I appreciate you detailing the progress of this house. Since I am now home from Park City, I'm experiencing withdrawals from the HGTV marathon I engaged in while there (just one of the many reasons that Logan and I don't trust ourselves with cable television).