Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last week, Tyson gave me a day's notice we would be moving up our move by over a week. He had been out of town in Idaho for the week, and called me on Thursday to say, "Call U-Haul and get a truck for tomorrow. We're moving." I only had two boxes packed at that point, so needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. We got the job done, though, with the help of Tyson's cousin Davin. Sawyer was less of a help, but he enjoyed the mess and the boxes very much. My mom is going down to Payson with me tomorrow to clean the place, and then we should be able to get most of our deposit back.

We are now mostly settled into our new basement apartment in Millville. This one doesn't really feel like a basement, at least, since it's a daylight/walkout basement in a nearly-new home. No pipes or radiators on the ceiling, no circa-1970 wood paneling, no 1' x 1.5' windows, etc. What it does have is a big, fenced yard Sawyer loves to get out and play in. He thinks he's king of the castle, stomping from sandbox to garden area to patio, and carrying rocks wherever he goes.

We don't have internet hooked up yet, so I've been very out-of-touch. We found out yesterday that we can get someone's wireless network from a remote corner of the currently-vacant upstairs of the home, so that's how I'm posting this now. Hopefully we will get internet hooked up soon, but making those kinds of phone calls has been hard, because all the phone calls associated with moving, renovating the Idaho house, interviewing, and work have sent us to the limits of our cell phone plan. We don't want to be charged for going over, so we're not allowing ourselves any daytime phone calls. Our bill doesn't reset for another five days, so wish us luck!

Millville doesn't have mail delivery, so we are in the process of getting a P.O. box set up. I'll spread the word when I have know our new mailing address. We will put in a forwarding order, too. So you should be able to send anything to our old address and it will get to us. I bet the postal service is getting sick of us and our forwarding orders!


  1. That's a cruel trick to play on a pregnant woman. Except, you did live out of a truck for a summer, so I bet you handled it with much more panache than I would have. :-)

  2. HEY! That's way cool! :) Keven and I did that one day and man, we were exhausted! I can't imagine being pregnant while doing it and with a little one, so i am impressed! That's way cool about your basement apt. although i would have to say..having wood paneling is something EVERYONE needs to try! :) thanks for the post!

  3. Oh my heck; when you find out you have to move in one day, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CALL YOUR SISTER! Anyway, I'm excited to see your new place. :)

  4. Do you have internet yet? :)

    Hey, I'm kinda trying to have a blog again. Thought I'd let you know.