Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pro/Con From the Past

I pulled out an old CD of my writing samples from over five years ago. Among the saved documents was the following Pro & Con list about some job I guess I had been offered. I can't put my finger on what job this might have been, but the list gave me a chuckle. 

Available now
Don’t have to search for job
Would be comfortable selling
Less hours during school
Good experience builder (future & career) 
Better than average wage for Logan
Don’t have to move to SLC (nor find place) (nor spend lots on rent)

Always work weekends
Boss is suspected chauvinist pig
Unsure wage—could be lower than expected
Could be boring
Have to train—potentially embarrassing

Despite the "Cons" list technically being shorter than the "Pros" list, I don't believe I took this job. At least, I don't remember working for a suspected chauvinist pig in a potentially embarrassing situation. Well, yes I do, but some of the other items here don't match up so it couldn't be that job.

Also on the disk was the following photo that illustrates my love of popcorn. I look like I'm trying to smuggle every last morsel out of that holiday tin, but really I was only eating the buttered kind and the unholy orange cheese-powdered  variety - completely ignoring the caramel. That holiday popcorn didn't even BELONG to me! No wonder I look so guilty.


  1. ha! that picture is hilarious...i don't touch the carmel either! it sounded like someone recruited you to do summer sales....that sounds about right on all of the negatives!

  2. Hahaha - I thought you would mention that. Either that or compliment the awesome photographer for capturing such...emotion?