Friday, April 3, 2009

I may lick the bowl, but at least I don't eat THIS!

Thank you to those who satisfied my curiosity about what you eat when you eat alone. Ice cream, popcorn, and cereal were very popular choices. The Gibbs Smith Books Blog had a post yesterday with an excerpt from What We Eat When We Eat Alone. I think our "alone" cravings are quite a step above Mustard Tortilla, Green Giant Goo Goo, and Leftover Spaghetti Sandwich (read the descriptions here - at your own risk, especially if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy).

But still, those gross combinations did make me think of some weird combinations of things I have eaten or like to eat. I have mixed balsamic vinegar, plain yogurt, and sugar. More than once. I like a little milk on my ice cream; I chop the ice cream up with my spoon to make a sort of thick shake in a bowl. I like to use buttered and salted popcorn like it's cereal - I pour milk on it and eat it with a spoon. (Well, actually, if you are going to try that one, it works best if you pour the milk in the bowl first, then put the popcorn on top so it doesn't turn to sog-mush immediately.) I got that one from my Grandmom, who told me they used to eat it when she was a kid (maybe with plain popcorn?). If I go to Wendy's, I always order a small fries and a small Frosty off the Value Menu. I dip the fries in the Frosty. I don't usually do this anywhere else. Wendy's just seems to have the perfect saltiness to their fries, that marries so well with the sugary-chocolatey Frosty.

Come to think of it, I think my friend Alice introduced me to the fries-and-shake idea when we would stop at Coby's diner while walking home from Centerville Junior High. Was it you, Alice, or was it Kari, or maybe it was Amy Ashby? Do you guys remember that? I distinctly remember playing "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran on the jukebox. Also "Mr. Wendell" by Arrested Development. Sometimes I would order a grilled cheese and dip it in my fry sauce. Ah, memories.

Kay, sorry for the trip down memory lane. Back to my weird foods...

I CAN'T HELP but drink a little bit of the pickle juice from the jar when all the pickles are gone. Or, even better, the vinegar from the homemade fresh refrigerator cucumber pickles I have been keeping on hand all through this pregnancy. Also the juice from pickled beets. Okay, anything that involves vinegar, I just really want to drink it, especially when I'm pregnant. I really have to watch myself, because much more than a couple sips will really do a number on my stomach. I've been down that road a time or two.

But I DO NOT think pickles and ice cream go together AT ALL!!!!!!!!

Now that I've sufficiently grossed you out, what are some of the "weird combinations" you like to eat??? Come on, spill it!

(I don't think I mentioned yet that Tyson has been gone to Atlanta again since Monday, and probably won't be back for another week. I really need you to answer my questions, because reading your comments and blogs is just about my only adult interaction right now. And it's online interaction. Sad. So answer my question!)


  1. ha! No pressure or anything! My comment better be good huh?! Well I love milk in my ice cream and pretty much do it everytime i have ice just makes it easier to stir. i have never heard about the popcorn as cereal?! holy cow! I have heard that what I eat is weird but believe me..try it and you'll never go back. cook yourself up a quesidilla and for sauce use jelly. it's so BOMB.COM! :) Oh and dipping your grapes in Tuna is pretty good too! :) weird, but REALLY good! I hope this comment was much to your liking! :)

  2. A big favorite in our family is putting Doritos (have to be Nacho cheese) on top of your PB&J. I don't think it was me that intro'd the fries and shake combination but I do have fond memories of Colby's.

    How did stay-at-home mom's cope before the Internet??? I also check blogs, email several times a day for some "interaction"

  3. Alice is the one who claims to have invented the fries in frosty/shake. Although I know several other people who claim the same thing. I think Tom Plewe was one of them. And some people from Layton. I think it's just one of those I-need-to-dip-this-in-something-because-dip = more yummy.

    I'm kind of a purist when it comes to food and don't usually like to mix things that don't belong together. I still have a hard time with anything sweet and sour, or glazed hams, or raisins and apricots in couscous, honey on bread, milk on cereal...

    Kind of like Kari's comment, chips on (regular meat and cheese) sandwiches are super yummy giving it extra cruch and I've been doing that since elementary. But that's not weird. But if you use the salt and vinegar chips it's like a salt, crunch, and sour on your sandwich. Sometimes I think just Miracle Whip on white bread/rolls is really good. I also think vinegar sprayed on french fries is yummy and according to Annie (Shelby's wife) they do it in restaurants back east. Vinegar makes everything better.

    One idea for vinegar I heard, but have yet to try because I usually like my ice cream un-sauced, is to make a reduction of basalmic vinegar and put the syrup on top of vanilla ice cream. THAT I think actually sounds pretty good. Because I once made a reduction for a pasta and thought it was very sweet, but still yummy with the asparagus and penne. However, you do use up a lot of vinegar that way and basalmic can be kind of pricey.

    Here's one for you (because this commment is not long enough) Remember baby rice? Mmmmm. With bananas? Mmmmm. I liked it thick and chewy, you liked it runny? I still love any fruit baby foods too.

  4. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this with the fry thing. If I don't have vinegar handy, I wipe the pickle on my fries or eat them together.

  5. Emily: Yes to potato chips on deli-type sandwiches.

    Kari: Not sure about Doritos on pb&j.

    Jess: Yes to quesadilla dipped in jelly. Cheese + fruit = good.

    Emily: I like vinegar on fries too. They have it (usually malt vinegar) available on the condiment bar at some fry-centric restaurants, but never with a spray top, which is genius. Pouring it on the fries leaves them too soggy. As for the baby rice. Yes, I've been known to "sample" from Sawyer's bowl from time. I can't leave boxes of it at my parents' house for when I'm there, because my dad eats it...DRY!

    Thanks for your comments!

  6. I don't claim to be the sole inventor of fry sauce in frosties (I don't dip fries in shakes anywhere else), but I can't think of anyone who taught it to me.

    I still do it, and thinking about it makes me want to go to wendy's.

    I don't eat anything else that is weird. :)

    (Milk on icecream- especially chocolate ice cream is really good- our senior year in high school I had a glass (you can't have that stuff in a bowl) of chocolate ice cream and milk every day. I'm sure my bones will thank me.)

  7. Lisa - I jumped over here one day from Kara's blog and then stayed...

    I love to whip up my ice cream in the bowl like a thick shake too.

    Your fascination with vinegar and your dad's penchant for dry baby cereal flakes both make me gag.

    I love to put nacho cheese Doritos on a bare bones turkey and cheese sandwich with mayo & mustard - it makes up for your mom running out of lettuce and tomato at home. Now I'm gonna be on the lookout for food I eat that I THINK is totally normal but may, truly, NOT BE!