Monday, April 27, 2009

Domestic Goddess

My friend Allie, who is, like, great at EVERYTHING, just posted some yummy-looking pictures on her blog of all the breads and treats she baked today. I thought to myself, hey, I baked today too. I'm a domestic goddess, too! I can post pictures of my baked goods, too! Only I can't because Tyson is out of town and he took my camera with him.

And, there's another problem with me posting my baking success. It's a moral problem. You see, instead of baking nutritious loaves of whole wheat goodness for the whole family to enjoy, I baked a calorie-laden pie. To eat all by myself (see above, Tyson is out of town). Also, instead of making it from scratch, I made it from a box that looked suspiciously like this:

Photo courtesy of Walmart's website, but I didn't buy my pie from Walmart. I bought it at Smith's. Also, it was a Lattice-Top Apple pie, not the Dutch Apple kind.

In conclusion, I don't really feel I should be showing off my pie-baking skills, since they are essentially nonexistent. My pie-EATING skills, on the other hand? They cannot be denied. See the picture in the last post for evidence.

So much for being a domestic goddess!

1 comment:

  1. You're funny!

    I'm not so good at pie-baking. Maybe I should try your recipe.

    I'm very good at pie-eating.