Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dirty Work

My new friend Hilary - who, by the way, is a great designer who is doing my new logo for me - is also husband-less this week. Her hubby is in Wyoming for work. Dirty work. The proof is on her blog. The picture she posted reminded me so much of the ones Tyson took when he was working in Price last fall, that I just had to post them. At least getting this dirty pays well! The job we moved to Payson for (the project that got canceled) was actually for the same company, and would have been similar work. Yes, I believe working for a meatpacking plant is better than this. Unless you are moonlighting as the lead singer of a band -- then the permanent eyeliner would probably come in handy.

You'll be surprised, but the first picture is AFTER he spent hours cleaning up. You have to scroll down to see the "before". He looks like he should be singing "Mammy".


Speaking of dirty work, Tyson is gone to Standrod, Idaho this week to work on the renovation of an old house his dad owns up there. Standrod, which kind of straddles the Utah-Idaho border to the west of Snowville, is the locaiton of the Heaton ranch. In fact, there isn't much to Standrod besides Heatons. Curtis has owned this vacant old pioneer house for a number of years, and has slowly been renovating it. I guess Tyson put a burr under Curtis's saddle and gave him the itch to get the project completed a little more quickly, so Tyson will be spending some of his time there working and managing the project until his job starts. It's a big project, as you'll see in the pictures!

Tyson and I went up there last Friday to meet with a contractor and take some measurements. I brought some handy-dandy graph paper, and we've had fun thinking up possible floor plans since then. Here are some "before" pictures to give you an idea how extensive this project is.

Exterior: A square, red brick pioneer house, about 40' x 40'. They poured the secondary footings a few years ago, and will likely build a big wrap-around porch sometime in the future. Far in the background you can see the Hansens' house (Curtis's sister Darla, mother of 16 kids!). See how beautiful it is up there?

Upstairs Interior: A few summers ago Tyson and some others tore out all the lath and plaster walls up here. But today they cut out all the studs and joists, too. I guess it's just a big open room now, except for a few walls that hold up the dormer windows and therefore the whole roof. Four different plans are under consideration for this area. One is just a bathroom enclosed in one corner, with the rest of it open. Two other plans have different configurations of two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a smaller open space, with a sleeping loft above the bedrooms. One plan has two bedrooms and one bathroom and a little bit bigger open space, also with a sleeping loft.

Downstairs Interior: Year upon year and layer upon layer of wallpaper (and bird poop) cover the downstairs. Nearly all the walls down here are solid brick, so there won't be much reconfiguration of the existing plan.

Going on this little day trip with my darling husband felt like a special date to me. I took a photograph to prove we were there, and that we hang out together. My nostrils and chin were certainly there. Hey, it's hard for a pregnant lady to lean so far over in a truck! 

We also got to pay a quick visit to Tyson's Aunt Meshia and Sawyer's first-cousin-once-removed, Lydia. Lydia is exactly one month older than Sawyer. This is the house Tyson and I worked on the summer we were engaged. We put up some of that tongue-and-groove you see in the background, and a whole lot more upstairs!


Sawyer does dirty work too -- every day! This was the aftermath of Tyson giving him the Ring Pop I was saving for myself in the Easter basket. The kid looked like a Smurf for days. That stuff would NOT wash off! The second picture is when he saw me coming at him with the washcloth.


While we were in Logan we got to see Sawyer's cousin Hudson a couple of times. It had been a while since we had seen Hudson, and he has really grown up a lot! He's 10.5 months younger than Sawyer, and I think this was Sawyer's first time playing with a baby who was that much younger than him. At first we thought Sawyer was trying to give Hudson a love, but later it became more apparent that he was just trying to move him out of the way. They played pretty cute together, overall.


Special bonus photo: 25.5 weeks pregnant, the stoned-looking version. Caught off guard by the self-timer on my camera.


  1. Your face isn't swollen at all!!!! And you look so great!! Oh and I loved this post. So close to home. I hope the project goes well. It's like we are neighbors. In Standrod.

  2. What an awesome house! I'm glad you guys got to take a little trip together. You might be interested to know that the ring pop incident with Sawyer played out almost EXACTLY the same at our house -- except it was me who was denied a blue ring pop, and it was Amanda who went to preschool looking oxygen-deprived. I could NOT get that stuff to come off!

  3. First off, was tyson in "Mary Poppins" singing "Chim chimney, Chim chimney...Chim Chim Cha roo?!" Second off, that renovation looks sweet! Third off, Sawyer is hilarious and so dang cute! Fourth, you look like one hot mama!!

  4. you look so good! how do you manage such a slim figure? it's amazing.