Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Announcement...

Sorry to leave everyone hanging with that last post! We thought we were going to have the final word on our BIG NEWS on Friday, but we didn't get it until today. (By which I mean Tuesday. Yes, I am still up, so it's still Tuesday to me.)

Anyway, the big announcement is that Tyson has been offered (and has accepted) a job!!! A real, honest-to-goodness, career-y Jay-Oh-Bee, with a real salary that is, frankly, beyond our highest expectations of what we thought he could get with his degree, especially in this economy. To Tyson I say, "Way to go!!!! I'm so proud of you and all your hard work!!!" And to the emergency room doctor who checked Tyson before his appendectomy last year, the one who, upon hearing Tyson's major was Political Science, said, "Oh, so you'll be working at McDonalds after you graduate?"? Well, to that doctor I say, "Eat it!!!" (What was up with that doctor! Who would say something like that to a guy who is in the emergency room in the middle of the night, who is taking 22 credits at school, who is experiencing severe abdominal pain and facing an appendectomy just before midterms, and who is becoming a first-time father imminently! Real nice, Doc!)

To tell you a little bit more about the position, it is in a management training program (or Career Leadership Opportunity program, as they call it there) with a big, worldwide company with over 40,000 employees. Tyson will be going through a three month training, after which he'll be supervising 20+ employees in a shipping/logistics/production area. During the interview process, the employer wanted to know if Tyson would be willing to relocate to any one of several sites around the country, or possibly around the world. It all sounds pretty good so far, right?

But you know where he is going to be working? In Hyrum, Utah. That's right, in good old Cache Valley. If you know anything about Hyrum, you know there is only one employer I could possibly be talking about. Yes, the slaughterhouse/meatpacking plant -- once known as E.A. Miller, or Miller's, or Miller Beef, and later purchased by Swift, and now owned by JBS, the largest beef producer in the world. At first, this was not Tyson's top choice of employer, but as he proceeded through the hiring process (multiple meetings, applications, and interviews, culminating in a final interview with a panel of 13 interviewers, whew!) he became more and more impressed with the company and enthusiastic about the opportunity. He will be supervising employees in the Box Cooler area, which is where employees pull already-boxed product for shipment to customers. So, in other words, it's kind of the nicest area of the plant, seeing as it doesn't involve shock bolts, huge knives, or rivers of blood. But it probably still smells like dead cows. Just guessing.

We can hardly believe we are going back to Cache Valley. Six Logan winters had been enough for me, and I really thought we had finished our time there. I guess you never know what's in store. We met so many people in Logan who would have loved to stay there, but who just couldn't find a good job after graduation. It's ironic that we wanted to be anywhere but there, but that's the only place where we *could* find a good job.

Now, there is a slight bit of a unhatched-chicken-eggs-all-in-one-basket problem here. One that's all too similar to something we've seen before. Tyson's start date isn't until June 15th. That's almost two months away. What if someone gets food poisoning and Oprah tells everyone not to eat hamburger anymore, and the whole world listens to her, and JBS goes bankrupt, and they close the plant, and there's nowhere for Tyson to work??!!?? Please keep your fingers crossed for us that that won't happen. That all will go according to plan and Tyson will start on the appointed date, and he will love the job (or at least like it), and we will find a good place to live, and I will survive the switching of doctors and the birth of the new baby, and the WINTER, and that all will be well!

In other news, Sawyer is walking more and more, and he is sure a cute little toddler! He still resorts to crawling if he feels worried or if he wants to go somewhere FAST. He babbles and talks a lot, and says cute things like nuh-nuh (orange), na-na (banana), cacko (cracker), and co-co (cookie). Okay, so they're all food words! What can I say? He's my kid!

I have been building up my freelance writing work lately, and it's been great. I had anticipated that Tyson would most likely get a job in Salt Lake City or thereabouts, so I thought freelancing would fit in well with our plans since SLC is where I was also most likely to find clients. Hmmmm, change of plans, but I think it's still workable. It doesn't take any longer for me to get to Salt Lake from Hyrum than it does from Payson. However, I think people perceive Cache Valley as being much further away from Salt Lake than Utah Valley is. We'll see how it goes.

I've certainly gone on long enough. Stay tuned for my next post, a report on our celebratory lunch at Sai-Savanh, a Thai restaurant in Payson. Yes, there is a Thai restaurant in Payson!


  1. OH my goodness. I can just imagine Tyson doing so well in the interviewing. He is impressive. Im glad you are staying close to family. Congrats!!

  2. YAY!!! I'm so glad he was able to find something! For my sake, I'm glad it isn't across the country somewhere. I want to have you guys around for at least a few more years! Looks like I'll get my wish. :) Congratulations!

  3. Way to go Tyson and way to go Lisa because we all know a supportive, especially while pregnant, wife is very important to a man's success. I too am very glad you are staying close to SLC. I will keep my fingers crossed that things go well.

  4. Hooray! That's so awesome for you guys!! We love Cache Valley so it will be nice when we go there for family reuinions to be able to see you guys! (which by the way should be the first week of july...if we are able to make it!) i'm so happy for you guys! i am impressed he'll be managing also! wow! by the need to start posting pics of your prego self!! tell sawyer we love him!!

  5. Congratulations to you all! Does that mean free beef for you? I'm coming to your house for a barbecue. And you're right, Cache Valley really isn't that far away. So glad you'll be staying close.

  6. Woohoooo! I've been looking at houses lately, and there's lots of new ones in Hyrum within our price range (so you know they're not too pricy).

    Congrats! Hooray!