Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trip to Salt Lake

Tyson went to Atlanta for work from March 17-23. Sawyer and I stayed in Payson for a few days (and went to my big ultrasound together, without Tyson, boohoo) before going to Salt Lake to visit my parents. While we were there, my mom, Sawyer, and I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday morning walk around downtown. We ended up over by the old library, where we had lunch at Les Madeleines, a bakery/cafe. My mom treated us to lunch, and I treated us to a take-home box of five cookies. I will spare you the yummy details, since I promised no more restaurant reviews for a while, but I do have to mention one menu item: Kouing-aman.

Pronounced, roughly, "Queen Ahmahn", this croissant-ish pastry from the Brittany region of France has a crispy, flaky, caramelized exterior and a slightly gooey (but not creamy) interior. They have quite the following in the Salt Lake food blog world (did you even know there WAS such a world?), where they are known as "crack". Much too expensive for their size ($4.50 each), yet somehow completely worth it, I know I would eat them three times a week if I had $15 a week to spend on pastries! But I've been doing a bit of budgeting lately, and I know that kind of habit would add up to $780 in just one year, or over $25,000 in thirty-five years. If that same $780 dollars was invested each year, with an annual return of 8%, it would add up to more than $160,000 in 35 years. Whew! Pastries = bad, retirement account = good. Still, if you want to pick up a pastry-slash-crack habit of your own, you'll find Les Madeleines at 216 E. 500 S. in Salt Lake City, or online here.

While we were there, my mom offered to take a picture of me and Sawyer. I jumped at the chance, because sometimes I think there is no photogrpahic evidence that I actually exist. Unfortunately, I "pulled a Lisa" in the first picture (totally blinked), so I had to crop myself out of this one, where Sawyer looked adorable.

Second attempt, and Sawyer had already had enough.

Grammy tried to appease him with her phone. The phone strategy is great for appeasement, but not so great for getting a one-year-old to look at the camera. Oh well!

Thanks, Mom, for a delicious lunch and a fun visit. You helped pass the time while I was missing my dear hubby.

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