Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sawyer likes cold cereal, but he is quite  particular about being able to spoon-feed himself. You probably can guess how that turns out.

"Oh Mom, you are so wonderful to slave over my breakfast of cold cereal! And I love any excuse to NOT wear my clothes! Also, have you noticed how I now know that when you get out the camera it means I should put on a cheesy grin and try to be really cute? How 'bout if I cock my head to the side like that cute? Yes, I thought so too!"

"Mom, I've seen how you drink the extra milk from the cereal bowl (shhhh...don't worry, I won't tell anyone!), and I'm going to try it myself."

"Ohhhhhh, it wasn't as easy as it looked!" [Note the larger puddle of milk on the tray, and the thicker stream of milk down Sawyer's belly.]

"I guess I'll just go back to the spoon. But not MY spoon. I'm moving up to the big time and the big spoon!"

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