Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Angel

I think it was back on March 9 when we had this big snowstorm. Tyson was gone overnight for work, but I still decided it was a good idea to take Sawyer out to play in the snow. He LOVES when snow is falling while we are walking to and from the car, so I thought he would like to really get into the stuff.

I got him all bundled up in pants, turtleneck, sweater, snowpants, coat, hat, gloves, etc., and myself bundled up in same. By the end of this exhausting process it was pretty much dark and time for Sawyer to go to bed, but we ventured outside anyway. I took him out in our yard and plunked him down in the snow, and boy was he NOT impressed. He didn't cry, but he just sat there, seeming like he didn't want "IT" to touch him.

In this next picture, it may LOOK like he is voluntarily making a little snowball, but really I made it and stuck it in his hands, and he's just fascinated by his gloves.

All of three minutes had passed and I could tell Sawyer wasn't going to play in the snow, so I picked him up and we walked the couple blocks to Rod and Shelly's house (Tyson's uncle and aunt). We visited for a few minutes, then it was really time to get Sawyer to bed. I made it all the way back home in the snow (keep in mind, I'm 4.5 months pregnant, carrying 25+ pound Sawyer), and then slipped and fell right at the side of our house. Ouch! Nothing was hurt but my pride, but after all that walking/falling I was pretty worn out and wished Tyson was there to rub my feet (hah! as if!).

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