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Messy Sody, Beehive Tea Room, Greek Souvlaki, Marley's, My Thai, La Hacienda

Messy Sody

First of all, you might be wondering from the title who/what "Messy Sody" is. It doesn't make much sense, but Sody is our nickname for Sawyer. I think it came about because Sawyer's cousin Lily, my sister Kara's middle child, who is a year older than Sawyer, kind of pronounced his name Soder or Thoder (or Doyer) when she was a little bit younger. From that, we started calling him Soder ourselves, and then it moved to Sody (like an old-fashioned sody-pop). And I thought, when we chose the name, that it couldn't be "nicked"! Anyway, here he is, post-lunch a couple weeks ago.

Bronchitis and Beyond

As for news, there really isn't much to report. While continuing his search for a "grown-up" job, Tyson has been working for a company that does drapery installations in hotels. Much of the company's work is spread out across the nation, and he will likely have to take some out-of-town trips in the future, but for now he has been working in the Salt Lake area. This has provided some opportunities for some stay-overs at the Baker Bed & Breakfast (& Lunch, & Dinner) in Salt Lake's Marmalade District. Fancy, eh? Okay, it's my parents' house, but it feels like a vacation to me. It especially felt that way the day I was laid up with bronchitis and my mom tended Sawyer for me while I slept in her bed and caught up on "Top Chef" on her DVR. Nothing like having your mom there when you're sick, even when you are a grownup who should be able to take care of herself!

Yes, I had a week-long bout of bronchitis, with a fever that lasted for four days, and Sawyer had the croup. This was the sickest I have ever felt since I had pneumonia seven years ago. We both improved after I had a course of antibiotics and Sawyer had a breathing treatment and a short course of Prednisone. Tyson escaped with only a couple days of feeling ill.

Pregnancy Update

Blah! Enough about that! I had an 18-week checkup on Friday, and everything seems to be going great. However, I think the doctor's office needs to check their scale, because they say I haven't gained any weight since I was there four weeks ago. I was already pleasantly surprised by the number I had seen on the scale at that visit, but now it's just getting weird, because I certainly LOOK very pregnant! Ah well, I'm sure the gaining part will come. As Tyson pointed out, my "head hasn't started to get fat...yet". The "yet" is the scary part - I swear last time I gained three pounds in my cheeks/chin alone, and I bet it will be the same this time.

Grammy's Tea Party

Let's see. I haven't posted for quite some time, so I'll add what few pictures I have taken since my last post. On Valentine's Day, my mom treated her three daughters and two granddaughters to a fancy afternoon tea party at the Beehive Tea Room in downtown Salt Lake. This is the second year of a newly-established tradition. We had a great time, and I would love to wholeheartedly recommend the Beehive Tea Room, but the service is, at best, very slow and quirky, and at worst, interminably slow and rude, so I can't give it two huge thumbs up. However, the teas (Krista's lemon myrtle "won" at our table) and hot chocolates are tasty, the rooms are so quaint and cozy like granny's parlor in 1940, and the tea sandwiches, scones, and petit-fours are all quite delicious (special shout-out to the balsamic dressing on the house salad, too). I really wouldn't mind the slow, quirky service if they would explain when they seated you exactly how leisurely things would be, or if they were a little more conscious of the fact that a two- and four-year-old don't have the patience to wait 45 minutes between each "course", and if they were a little more conscious of the fact that even 24-, 27-, 30-, and 53-year-olds might like to eat their tea sandwiches and scones WITH their tea and cocoa, not 30 and 60 minutes after their teacups are empty. However, if you have a leisurely afternoon to spend, this is a lovely place to spend it. (Beehive Tea Room website)

The following article from SLUG points out that business is not going as well as it once was. Yes, the economy is rough, but shouldn't it also give the owner a chance to hire some better employees, now that so many more people are looking for work? (Beehive Tea Room article in SLUG Magazine) Based on the reviews on Teamap and Citysearch, we are not the only customers to notice something is really "off" with the service there. It's a shame for the owner to let poor service mar such a charming establishment.

You know what else was "off"? My ability to use my camera correctly (what else is new). The light was very low in the room we were in, and I couldn't seem to find a camera setting that would let me take a good photo. Kara's going to be so glad I'm posting this one, but it's the best one I got! The little girls had little miniature silver tea services for their hot chocolates. So adorable!

Valentine's Date

Later on Valentine's Day, we had a little birthday party at my parents' house for Kara's son Benson, who was turning one year old a few days later. My parents had offered to tend the grandkids while the "big kids" went out on Valentine's dates. However, Kara and Logan's kids were getting ill, so they called it a night and went home. Tyson and I went to a super-fancy, ultra-expensive restaurant for our Valentine's date. I'm speaking of Greek Souvlaki No. 1, downtown on 400 E. and 300 S. Okay, so I am fairly addicted to their dolmathes (dolmades, dolmas, whatever) and lemon rice, and Tyson usually goes for the gyro (which they list as help eediots from mis-pronouncing?). V-Day dinner with no reservation for $14 = not too shabby. Now, the reviews on Citysearch (Greek Souvlaki No. 1 reviews) are a bit superlative. I wouldn't call this the "best Greek food in Salt Lake City", but the most satisfying? the best bang for your buck? Definitely.

By the way, if you are wanting Greek food on REAL plates, and the option to order fish, etc., I recommend Aristo's, located near the U. of U. campus on 1300 East. If you are thinking of going to Market Street Broiler, DON'T! It has gone downhill in quality and uphill in price. (Going in to get clam chowder and bread for takeout is still a good bet, but everything else, meh.) Just head down the road to Aristo's instead. On the way, you'll pass Indochine, a Vietnamese (with a little French influence) restaurant I haven't been to, but have heard mostly good things about. (Aristo's website - Warning: Turn your speakers down if you don't like annoying music that starts automatically.)

Pinochle Victory for the Ladies!

After we ate dinner, Tyson and I headed to West Valley to play cards with Matt & Wendy Meldrum. We played pinochle, a partnership game that we always play girls against boys. We play it this way, I believe, because Wendy is a much more patient and forgiving partner to me than Tyson would be. For the Heatons, yelling at your partner is a big part of playing cards. Their family game is Rook, and in my mind, I call it Rookfight. No big deal to them, but I'd probably be in tears if I were ever allowed to play.

In card games, Tyson is out to get me. Sometimes we play Hearts with Matt and Wendy (a non-partnership game). Tyson wants to win, but he will lose rather graciously to Matt or Wendy. He just doesn't want to lose to me. Even on the computer Hearts game, he has renamed all the opponents "Lisa". Geez! Anyway, to make a story that is getting too long a little shorter, Wendy and I won BOTH games of Pinochle on Valentine's Day. The first was sort of by default, because Tyson and Matt were way in the hole and tried to shoot the moon and failed, so the game was automatically over with our score way ahead of theirs. But the second one we one fair and square, and *I* was the one who shot the moon when we were way in the hole...and SUCCEEDED. I report this because my success at cards is so rare.

Marley's and Harleys

Moving forward a few weeks to this past weekend, we paid a visit to the new (opened July 2008) Timpanogos Harley Davidson dealership in Lindon. Sounds just like me, right? It came about because Tyson was meeting up with someone to make a purchase off of The seller was coming down from Clearfield to go to a Harley dealership, and we thought it was going to be the fancy-dancy new one in Lindon. We had noticed the GIGANTIC new (but very old-looking) building a few times on our freeway travels. It turned out that he was only going as far as Sandy, so we ended up meeting up with him in the South Towne parking lot. In the meantime, though, I had started to research into the Lindon Harley dealership, and learned some things that interested me enough to agree with Tyson's suggestion that we stop by on our way back down to Payson.

First, the building is constructed of 75% reclaimed materials, much of it from the old Geneva Steel plant. It is really cool! Read more about it on the dealership's news gallery (information about and pictures of Timpanogos Harley building).

Second, they have a restaurant there called Marley's that serves gourmet sliders (miniature hamburgers).

No, I was not at all interested in the bikes, the leather apparel, the chrome parts, etc. The building and the food - these two things enticed me to go to the Timp Harley shop. And you know what? I would go back!

Tyson sent me up to the counter to order our food, and I was a bit of a failure. Oh, the shame, because usually I vainly consider myself the Queen of Ordering. But you see, the sliders come in four regular options for $2.50 each: hamburger, pulled turkey, chicken strips, and Nathan's hot dog. They don't automatically come with any toppings. Each slider can be made to order with any combination of 15 toppings, nine of which are free and six of which cost "two bits". (And that means 25 cents, for those who aren't sure, like I wasn't.) There are some "favorite" slider/topping combinations for $3.00 each, and there are also two specialty slider options, filet mignon and salmon. The upshot is, I got very overwhelmed when ordering and somehow ordered a chicken strips slider with nothing but barbecue sauce, which was actually still very tasty, but would have been much improved had I not forgotten to get lettuce, tomato, pickle, maybe some mayo. Same thing for the hamburger I ordered with red onions and mayo and...that's it. Dur! The others, a hamburger with bleu cheese spread and bacon, and the turkey favorite that left the topping decisions out of my hands (The Lex, with lettuce, avocado, and cranberry sauce) turned out better. See for yourself on the menu (Marley's menu), and then think how much more stressful it is to order with a bunch of people behind you and "giant turnbuckles looming over your head" as a comment on this Marley's review in Daily Herald points out.

The fries were unique. They really tasted great, but they were rather difficult to eat because they are the size of matchsticks (some longer, some shorter, but about as big around). Marley's provides a good fry sauce on the table (so much nicer than paying $.50 per cup), but you have to try to pick up four or five fries at a time to even make it worth dipping. I imagine this doesn't go over too well with some Harley riders and their big, beefy fingers. This guy says as much in his Yelp review of the place, but I think he's wrong to assume that the restaurant (and perhaps event the whole store) was intended to cater to Harley riders. That's not who I saw there on my visit. More like college couples, families, old people, and groups of teens. And yes, I am looking forward to my return visit.

I always chuckle a bit at people who blog pictures of themselves eating out...but here we are! I am seriously, so blessed to have an awesome husband who takes me out for fancy lunches like this.

Sawyer was a bit left out, as we fed him earlier to avoid having to share our restaurant food with him. He had some of our fries, but mostly played delightedly with a little plastic fry sauce cup the whole time. He did enjoy the pina colada frozen custard, which I am pictured below NOT failing at ordering correctly.

Word to the wise: they have Pepsi products, not Coke, which is not acceptable to Tyson. I brought a can of Coke for him in the diaper bag, thus saving us $1.79 in drink charges. We got out of there full and happy for not much more than $15. It was a fun outing for me, as I love to eat out and we have severely limited our spending in that area.

My Thai

But I'm still spoiled, because my mom took me out for pad thai at this place I guess my parents are addicted to, called My Thai. Apparently, the owners put a secret ingredient in the pad thai that makes my parents crave it fortnightly (sounds best if said with an overdone Scottish accent, I think). I have to agree, it was great. This Salt Lake Magazine blurb hits the nail on the head. The owner cooks the food to order in an open kitchen. It's fresh, flavorful, and delicious. I'm looking forward to trying a curry on a return visit. The restaurant is located in a strip mall across the street from Costco, at 1425 South 300 West in SLC. I'd love to see this little operation succeed, so go give it a try! By the way, another Thai place I like is Sawadee on South Temple. There are so many good Thai options in Salt Lake, it's hard to choose. We even have a Thai restaurant a couple blocks from our house in Payson, but we haven't budgeted a visit there just yet.

La Hacienda

My Dad was in Utah County for a meeting week before last, and he generously took the time to visit us and treat us to lunch at La Hacienda, a little Mexican joint just down the street from our house. The owner was the nicest and most outgoing gentleman ever. The food, while a little too American-y Mexican-y for my taste (too much mild sauce and lettuce, not enough chile, cilantro, and lime), was still very good and filling and reasonably priced. This place has not been open long, and I recommend anyone in the area to support them and stop in for a visit. I can recommend the chile relleno and the cheese enchiladas, and you should ask for the spicy salsa. Thanks Dad. The food was good, but the highlight was seeing you! (I don't know if my dad reads my blog, but I don't think he does. In fact, I don't know if anyone reads my blog, I'm so long-winded!)

Sorry, I guess this post turned into a bit of a restaurant round-up. I assume we won't go out again for quite some time, so don't worry about the next entry being all about food.

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  1. I read your blog, and I love it! It always feels like I'm reading a fancy write up in a really should get paid for this! It makes me want to eat out, especially in Utah...I wonder if the plane ticket would be worth it. Probably not, but it would depend on who I got to eat with!

    Sawyer is getting SO big! I love his mouth full of teeth.

    I'm sure you're looking adorable--you were such a cute preggo when you were pregnant with Sawyer. Where are the expanding belly shots? I seem to remember some cute ones from last time around...I guess pregnancy loses a little of the glamour when it's not the first time. Miss you! Good luck with everything!